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Rick E Confirmed Purchase

Nov 30, 2019

I was skeptical at first when I heard about these windows. But after receiving them they are awesome. Easy to order, perfect fit and what a difference they make. Thank you so much for a great product.
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Harriet K Confirmed Purchase

Nov 30, 2019

I received and easily installed my window inserts. My home immediately felt warmer. I could no longer feel the cold coming right through the glass of the windows. I am a 70 year old woman, not in the best of health, but I was able to very easily install all 17 inserts on my own within 30 minutes. I can see from the quality these window inserts will last for decades.

I attached some photos to show you how well the inserts fit and how clear and unnoticeable they are. I am very pleased that I purchased these inserts from a quality company.

It has been a pleasure to do business with you. Thank you.
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Sharon J Confirmed Purchase

Dec 6, 2019

For the first time in 50 years of marriage my husband said "you're right". Lol! When I came downstairs after waking up he admitted that my choice to get the window inserts made a difference. We ordered inserts for 9 floor to ceiling windows that are on the North side of the house. House was built for us in 2006 & it was always cold in those two rooms. Install took less than a half hour. Windows are clear & they look beautiful. No more wearing my fuzzy boots & bulky sweaters inside the house during the winter. Extremely pleased with the inserts, the company & the whole process. Ty
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J B Confirmed Purchase

Jan 30, 2020

Found this great company online. I needed a large "window insert" to insulate a glass block window. The online ordering was flawless and easy. Due to the large size, the company called me to discuss my options. In short, they guided me to the best possible solution. The window arrived and the look and fit were perfect. In today's world of online everything, it was sure a pleasure speaking with this customer service department!
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Renee H Confirmed Purchase

Feb 10, 2020

I love these, I had to keep my blinds down for added warmth after getting the inserts I can now put my blinds up again, and my house is warmer and stays that way longer thank you very much. Really easy to put up too
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Betty G Confirmed Purchase

Apr 20, 2020

I have wanted to tell you for some time how pleased I am with them. When I got them I had them put into the openings and since it was inside of the screen I had them stripped on each vertical side with quarter round, Because we are subject to high winds in South MISSISSIPPI - did not them blown out. They fit tight and look like glass windows. They also help with temperature control- a small window AC unit and fans {both ceiling and floor fans} keeps it comfortable in summer and two portable room heaters in winter and keep the ever- present humidity out. I just love my room. It has become my art studio where I teach and my get-a-way. It has been 3 years and all is still great. Thank You for making this product. Enjoyed working with Eric and Scott . Would gladly recommend them.
Betty G in Picayune, MS {just 60 mi north of New Orleans, LA}
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Robert C Confirmed Purchase

Sep 25, 2020

We just received our window inserts and I installed them all already and we are tickled pink with them. Fantastic job. Everything worked out nice and snug and we are going to order more in the future. So I give these a five star. Thank you very much.

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Thom and Jeanine Confirmed Purchase

Oct 16, 2020

We finally got around to installing the inserts, and I gotta say, as advertised. We started with the biggest ones and with some adjustments to the brackets for the shades, your product works great. Really easy to install, look great and we can already feel the difference. The smaller second floor inserts were, of course, even easier, and only had to move brackets on the first set. Everything else went smooth as could be. Thank you, great job and we would gladly recommend you.
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Cindy S Confirmed Purchase

Nov 3, 2020

We purchased split Window inserts for our 5- 5x4, 1-4x3 windows. Since our windows are so large, I was unsure if I ordered 1 large panel, or the split as was explained on their website. I emailed the customer service to ask this question, and they called me back to go over my order. She was very informative, said its easier to ship the split inserts, then the large and with the middle trim, it fits tight like its one solid piece. Our windows are sliders and where they split, slide, they had quite a bit of heat/cool air loss. These inserts closed off that gap, and the center brought the 2 inserts together like its one whole piece. We are very satisfied and they arrived just in time, before we had 50 mph cold ND winds.

We have blinds on our windows, so had to get creative to get them behind and push up at the same time(definately 2 person job if you have large windows like ours, just take your time, very doable. When I installed the blinds, I left about 2" space from the glass, with hopes we would find some kind of interior storm windows. Last year our heating costs were bad, and the chill by the windows was always drafty in our rooms.
We also looked at other competitors, they were so expensive would have cost $500/per window and that didn't even include shipping. Were so glad I found this site, when I had looked before I had never seen this company.

We wanted to share a review, as we are 100% happy with our purchase, their customer service was excellent, the quality of the insert is clear, product came very well packed and we received them very quickly. They also make our windows look very nice and they aren't bulky, they just fit so nice in our window frame.

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Jay C Confirmed Purchase

Jan 3, 2021

We ordered two sets of inserts, one set for our basement workout area, to help seal some crummy windows, very nice improvement. And the second order, a much larger order, to use on our screened patio. On the patio we wanted to be able to use it for winter this year so that we can have our adult children over during COVID-19. We have intentionally left some openings so that there is still good enough air flow. The order process when well and the product is great. We feel good about the price we paid, a good value.
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Dana H Confirmed Purchase

Jan 14, 2021

We ordered 48 inserts for our north Texas home that was built in 1924. Best thing we have done here in years. Great experience.
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Teresa K Confirmed Purchase

Jan 25, 2021

Just wanted to let you know that I received Window inserts today for 6 two-piece window inserts. I easily could have installed them myself, but with a little help from my brother, they were all up in about a half hour--and much of that time was spent wrestling with the furniture and blinds (I measured them to but up against the underside of the blinds header).

They look fantastic. Hardly noticeable. I couldn't be more pleased with how they look. I hope to be even more pleased with how they make the rooms feel. I can already tell a difference. I am currently sitting in my favorite chair in front of one of the windows and I do not feel the chill on the back of my neck!

I will certainty be ordering for the other room with the same 112 year old windows!

Eutaw, Alabama
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Bruce M Confirmed Purchase

Jan 29, 2021

Windows arrived today and fit like a glove just like the previous 12. I appreciate the care of the precise cutting as well as how solidly they were packaged for shipping. Great Job. I am a big fan!
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Stuart A Confirmed Purchase

Jan 11, 2022

I bought window inserts from you about a year ago and am very happy with them and wanted to let you know. We have a large sun porch on our house that was built in 1910. The windows are single pane and it used to be unusable in winter. Today is very cold starting at 10 degrees with a wind chill that is below zero. I just opened the French doors and cautiously stepped into the room. Much to my surprise, it was very warm and comfortable to sit in. We also insulated the floor, but I attribute most of the change to your inserts.

Thank you for dramatically expanding the useable space in our home. The inserts provide great insulation and are attractive too.
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Alan K Confirmed Purchase

Feb 8, 2022

Dear folks,

Just received my order. Opened box, EASY install, perfect fit and OH MY what an immediate difference in draft at windows! I built an in-law suite for my 88 year old mom and she was always complaining about the cold air at the windows. We’ll, draft no more! She is very happy now and said she felt an immediate difference. Can’t wait to see what it does to my electric bill. Your product is simple but genius - great job.
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Carol C Confirmed Purchase

Dec 21, 2023

I wanted to thank you for the 5 panels. Every one was a perfect fit. It made me think how unusual it is in today's age to have anything be done exactly right, ever, instead of always messed up in some way but you're expected to be happy with it nevertheless. Either a lot of people don't care, or they just don't know the difference. These are beautiful, and there were a lot of ways a product like this could have gone wrong. Thank you so much.

San Antonio, TX
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Randy G Confirmed Purchase

Mar 2, 2024

We received our window inserts today. The packaging was perfect. The inserts were numbered correctly. The first one was installed in a matter of seconds and the others immediately after. We ordered enough for our bedroom and bathroom. I look forward to seeing if they help with the drafts. So far the measuring, ordering, and installation has gone well.
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Derek M Confirmed Purchase

Mar 18, 2024

I ordered these for my home which has been in our family since it was built in 1968. The windows are original and they are aluminum. At this point in time replacing them would be a real hassle and my mother likes the way the house looks as is. I ordered 12 inserts and even have them on basement windows. I am so happy with them.
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JR Confirmed Purchase

Aug 12, 2017

Overall rating is 5 out of 5! From the product to the customer service. The product really did help us lower the indoor temperature caused by the outdoor heat. The product quality is great too. Scott and Eric had been the most helpful to our company when we ordered a lot of these inserts. They made sure we get the best experience and quality service.
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Mary Ann M. Confirmed Purchase

Jun 24, 2017

I purchased 6 windows last fall. I wanted to wait until I went through the winter and summer months to make my opinion. I am so pleased with the window inserts. There is no drafts at all compared to what I used to have. In the summer my heat pump is hardly running. The money was well worth it. Thank You
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Nancy R

Jan 13, 2017

I live in NH, and I am thoroughly satisfied with my window inserts which I purchased about a year ago. I live in an historic house that is 167 years old, and changing out the historic windows was not possible. The inserts fit snugly and keep my bedroom and study much warmer and quieter than without them. I was so happy with these inserts that I purchased some for my daughter to use in her newly acquired 1930s bungalow in MD. Now her study and living room are much more comfortable. I researched a lot of other companies but felt that these inserts were the best DYI items I could find for the price. Just do it. You will not regret this purchase.
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Julie Confirmed Purchase

Apr 5, 2018

I work for a University and our windows are like paper and we have COLD winters. This product has made a HUGE difference in our offices being much warmer. Our windows are very irregular in size due to being an old building, but the inserts fit pretty good considering (definitely not a manufacturer issue, but our old building). While the inserts are flexible, they are not flimsy and I found rather easy to get in and out. The gentleman that I worked with was fantastic about double checking my measurements, etc. and do everything he could to make sure we were satisfied. Great product and team!
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Dan S Confirmed Purchase

Jan 11, 2019

I wanna say, your product is amazing, i have 4 windows and ordered for two windows, what a difference, i am gonna be ordering for the last two windows soon, i live in a condo and we all have the same windows and have the same issues with the cheap windows. I have all my neighbors over and love them, they are also gonna order, i feel like a salesmen. Its an awesome product. Thank you
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Robin R Confirmed Purchase

Jan 30, 2019

Received my order yesterday, just before the -21 degree weather. I am so impressed with these. The house is so much more comfortable. These are nice looking, fairly inexpensive, and exceeded my expectations on cutting winter chill. What a great product! Thank you
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Elizabeth W Confirmed Purchase

Feb 11, 2019

Very happy and warmer after installing ten inserts where most needed.
Gas boiler is now operating more efficiently. Because drafts are blocked and heat is contained inside the house the boiler is not constantly running.
Tip, save shipping box and cardboard separators to store inserts if removing in the summer.
Was pleasantly surprised at the quick turnaround time to receive the inserts after ordering. Highly recommended.
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