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Rick E Confirmed Purchase

Nov 30, 2019

I was skeptical at first when I heard about these windows. But after receiving them they are awesome. Easy to order, perfect fit and what a difference they make. Thank you so much for a great product.
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Harriet K Confirmed Purchase

Nov 30, 2019

I received and easily installed my window inserts. My home immediately felt warmer. I could no longer feel the cold coming right through the glass of the windows. I am a 70 year old woman, not in the best of health, but I was able to very easily install all 17 inserts on my own within 30 minutes. I can see from the quality these window inserts will last for decades.

I attached some photos to show you how well the inserts fit and how clear and unnoticeable they are. I am very pleased that I purchased these inserts from a quality company.

It has been a pleasure to do business with you. Thank you.
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Sharon J Confirmed Purchase

Dec 6, 2019

For the first time in 50 years of marriage my husband said "you're right". Lol! When I came downstairs after waking up he admitted that my choice to get the window inserts made a difference. We ordered inserts for 9 floor to ceiling windows that are on the North side of the house. House was built for us in 2006 & it was always cold in those two rooms. Install took less than a half hour. Windows are clear & they look beautiful. No more wearing my fuzzy boots & bulky sweaters inside the house during the winter. Extremely pleased with the inserts, the company & the whole process. Ty
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Renee H Confirmed Purchase

Feb 10, 2020

I love these, I had to keep my blinds down for added warmth after getting the inserts I can now put my blinds up again, and my house is warmer and stays that way longer thank you very much. Really easy to put up too
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Betty G Confirmed Purchase

Apr 20, 2020

I have wanted to tell you for some time how pleased I am with them. When I got them I had them put into the openings and since it was inside of the screen I had them stripped on each vertical side with quarter round, Because we are subject to high winds in South MISSISSIPPI - did not them blown out. They fit tight and look like glass windows. They also help with temperature control- a small window AC unit and fans {both ceiling and floor fans} keeps it comfortable in summer and two portable room heaters in winter and keep the ever- present humidity out. I just love my room. It has become my art studio where I teach and my get-a-way. It has been 3 years and all is still great. Thank You for making this product. Enjoyed working with Eric and Scott . Would gladly recommend them.
Betty G in Picayune, MS {just 60 mi north of New Orleans, LA}
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Robert C Confirmed Purchase

Sep 25, 2020

We just received our window inserts and I installed them all already and we are tickled pink with them. Fantastic job. Everything worked out nice and snug and we are going to order more in the future. So I give these a five star. Thank you very much.

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Cindy S Confirmed Purchase

Nov 3, 2020

We purchased split Window inserts for our 5- 5x4, 1-4x3 windows. Since our windows are so large, I was unsure if I ordered 1 large panel, or the split as was explained on their website. I emailed the customer service to ask this question, and they called me back to go over my order. She was very informative, said its easier to ship the split inserts, then the large and with the middle trim, it fits tight like its one solid piece. Our windows are sliders and where they split, slide, they had quite a bit of heat/cool air loss. These inserts closed off that gap, and the center brought the 2 inserts together like its one whole piece. We are very satisfied and they arrived just in time, before we had 50 mph cold ND winds.

We have blinds on our windows, so had to get creative to get them behind and push up at the same time(definately 2 person job if you have large windows like ours, just take your time, very doable. When I installed the blinds, I left about 2" space from the glass, with hopes we would find some kind of interior storm windows. Last year our heating costs were bad, and the chill by the windows was always drafty in our rooms.
We also looked at other competitors, they were so expensive would have cost $500/per window and that didn't even include shipping. Were so glad I found this site, when I had looked before I had never seen this company.

We wanted to share a review, as we are 100% happy with our purchase, their customer service was excellent, the quality of the insert is clear, product came very well packed and we received them very quickly. They also make our windows look very nice and they aren't bulky, they just fit so nice in our window frame.

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Karen D Confirmed Purchase

Dec 3, 2020

I was having difficulty trying to measure windows for my living room in my apt for the inserts. I got a call from Jessica who was extremely helpful telling me how to do it based on my window configuration. I received the two inserts but one was not big enough. I made a mistake. Jessica called me and talked to me about it and said they would correct my error. I have never dealt with a company that was so helpful, patient and concerned as this team has been. They exemplify what customer service is all about! The inserts are great! I ordered inserts for my bedroom and they arrived! Made a tremendous difference in these draft apt windows! Great product-superb company.
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Stephen S Confirmed Purchase

Dec 23, 2020

Just want to tell you how pleased we are with the new inserts. They arrived promptly and well protected in the shipping box.
It was a piece of cake to place these into the windows and within a 1/2 hr. all 13 were in. We get a constant westerly breeze on the front of the house and had been experiencing a lot of cold drafts. The plastic storm windows with the double-sided sticky tape were a hassle to put in and looked terrible. The drafts are gone the inserts are almost invisible and we're sure we'll be saving on heating fuel during the winter. You have a great product. Happy Holidays. Ours is sure to be warm and cozy.
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Stuart A Confirmed Purchase

Jan 25, 2021

I just wanted to thank you and the Window Inserts team for sending replacement inserts for the ones that were the incorrect size. The new ones fit perfectly and look great. I give your company an A+ for customer service.

Your inserts have transformed our single pane glassed in sun porch from a freezing cold room into one that my wife now uses as the office for her social work practice. The room now is warm and beautiful in the depths of the winter.

Thank you again for a great product and for great service.
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John F Confirmed Purchase

Oct 20, 2021

I love these storm windows! We have an old house that had triple track storms on the house when we bought it. They were so difficult to operate, that our windows were always dirty because we did not want to go through the hassle of moving all the sections of the storm and the difficulty of getting to the outside of the primary window. I took them all off to do maintenance and paint. When they were off, we couldn't help but see how much better the house looked with the windows visible. It was also obvious how much easier it was to clean the outside of the windows. We decided to look for inside storms and after much research decided on Window Inserts. They are really a great product. They install easily and look great from the inside. They seal better than our old triple tracks as well. So, it seems to be the best solution. Good sealing against our NE winters, good looks from inside and outside. Light weight and easy to install and remove for cleaning. If that wasn't enough, the customer service is also terrific. We are sold!!!!
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Ernie Confirmed Purchase

Nov 4, 2021

Immediate difference once installed. Ordered for 8 windows but 3 were wrong sizes. Customer service was great and had replacements in about a week. Even refunded initial shipping for the incorrect inserts. I have 14 ft of windows for my main living area and it is always colder and drafty. Now it feels like the rest of the house. I put in my BRs as well and huge improvement at night now that its getting colder (low 40s). I will be ordering more for my back rooms. Highly recommend especially if you have older windows like I do (casement).
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George W Confirmed Purchase

Nov 16, 2021

I ordered and installed 21 inserts in a 113-year-old county Museum and another 15 in a restored railroad station of equal age as the Museum. The savings for both buildings have been in the hundreds if not thousands of dollars. The installation was quick and easy. Only one has been wrong and it was my error, as I forgot the double-hung window was not split in the middle. I have recommended this company and their product to many people.
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Rose Ann F Confirmed Purchase

Apr 16, 2022

Love these window inserts!!! We just finished a complete garage renovation. For 36 years I have covered the 2 windows with window insulation kits with the tape and the Saran type plastic wrap. I completely ruined the window moldings with all that glue tape. The reason for the kits was a deep windowsill that every bug in the world found delightful to visit and die on. It drove me crazy. When we decided to renovate the garage, we put on new moldings and I really wanted a product that would keep the bugs off the windowsills and look nice. I found your window inserts online and decided to give them a try. Best decision ever! Placing the window inserts in the windows were the very last thing we did in our 3 month project. It took less than 10 min. They fit perfectly, were really easy to install, and come already cleaned. We were worried that the inserts wouldn’t stay put. The design allows a tight fit and they don’t move. They look great. This is the first year that I am confident we will have no dead bugs on our garage windowsills. A great product from a good company!
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Courtney Confirmed Purchase

Nov 15, 2023

Growing up, I watched my father apply spray adhesive and plastic film to our home's windows. So when my husband and I renovated a c. 1884 home that came with beautiful, but extremely drafty windows, I was eager to research new technology. EnergySavr Window Inserts were the perfect solution. Our windows are varied dimensions, and the custom measuring guide was easy to follow. Ordering, turnaround and delivery all seamless. We are extremely happy with our return on investment!
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Claire P

Feb 8, 2018

These inserts are so easy to install and look fabulous. They weigh nothing and are crystal clear. We used to avoid one room in our house because it was so cold, but not any longer. The customer service has been top notch as well. I made a mistake in my order and Scott, Eric and Jessica went out of their way to fix the issue quickly. I wish all companies were this responsive to their customers! Great product
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Kim F Confirmed Purchase

Dec 31, 2017

I bought these back in 2005 and I’m still using them, they work as well today as when I bought them! These are a great product!
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JH Confirmed Purchase

Sep 28, 2016

The folks here know their stuff and remember you months later. A real personal touch which is nice.

I purchased several dozen inserts for my home and they really do their job nicely. They trap the heat, remove drafts, and protect wood frames from humidifier moisture condensation. They install faster and look better than "plastic wrap" style window coverings. It's also significantly less expensive than replacing windows.

I'm very pleased with the product, the results, and the service. Highly recommended for cold Maine winters.
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Maciek Confirmed Purchase

Apr 6, 2016

I was looking for a more frugal manner to insulate seven windows in my mountain cabin without replacing the windows themselves. I had draft problems as well as single pane windows which you could feel the cold air penetrating from the outside and the heated air from the inside escaping out. Window inserts was the perfect solution. From ordering to the delivery the turn around time was around seven days and three days the second time when I came back and ordered more for my house! The product quality is very good and cuts are precise fitting like a glove if you measured correctly. The come well packaged. The level of customer service that you receive if you call the company is second to none. I wish more companies cared about their customers as this one does.
I couldn't be more pleased with the results. My cabin is warmer and stays warm even as the temperatures drop below freezing with my stove working less and even shutting off as the temperature is maintained. No more drafts and warm air is spread more uniformly within my 980sq ft of living space. Cost wise, compared to having to pay for dual pane windows with gas filled space the window inserts have saved me a couple of thousand at least. I am one very happy customer, thank you very much. Please support this small business.
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Cory D.

Mar 18, 2013

Good day Eric. Just wanted to let you know that I have now seen the product and I am very impressed. I was concerned since the product was going to Canada but had no issues with International orders at all. Every part of the order went perfect from the ordering to the shipping to the packaging to the fit and quality of the inserts. First of all, the order was very easy to do, easy to measure and payment types offered were great. Second, as far as shipping, packaging was done extremely well so nothing would break, you took care of the shipping and all went great. Third, my wife installed the inserts with ease before I got home from work and everything fit perfect. The inserts are great quality. They look so good that you cant even tell they are there. Thanks again for the great product and experience ordering with you.

Olds, Alberta, Canada
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Greg Confirmed Purchase

Nov 1, 2018

These windows are awesome. we live in a duplex that was built in the 1600 and added on in 1843. We went through one of the coldest winters on record last year and was expecting huge heating bills. To our surprise, our bills were less expensive than the previous year and the house never had that chill you feel in old houses. the inserts stopped the drafts and kept the house a consistent temp all winter. Liked them so much we are ordering 16 more for the rental and feel confident the tenants will be comfortable. Thank you for this simple effective product.
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Chuck Confirmed Purchase

Jan 30, 2019

Window inserts was a pleasure to work with.
They addressed all our concerns and did what ever they could to make sure we were happy with our order.
The conversations with their staff was always pleasant.
Great company to do business with.
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Darlene S Confirmed Purchase

Feb 9, 2019

We just received our 6 kitchen window inserts and they look fantastic, fit perfectly and absolutely have stopped all of the cold draft coming in through the windows. The ordering process was easy, they kept us notified of our order status and they shipped and arrived quickly and very well packaged. We have a 119 year old home we just purchased and decided to try these out before purchasing window inserts for the entire home. I have to be honest, we were skeptical about the claims but not any longer. We had a winter storm after placing these inserts, the temp was 17 and the winds were gusting at 60mph. I can't think of more extreme conditions to try these out in and not a single kitchen drape was moving from drafts coming in and they are remarkably clear. We will be outfitting the rest of the home, 40+ windows! but this is way less expensive than new custom windows plus we can retain and enjoy the beauty of the original windows and woodwork. I cannot recommend highly enough!!!!
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George W Confirmed Purchase

Feb 11, 2019

I ordered WindowInserts for our museum. The building is a 108 year old single family home that has been converted to our County Historical Museum. We put the WindowInserts on 17 windows, some very large. They fit beautifully. The first month that we can record showed a 30% drop in our heating and electrical bills.The building is very tight and draft free. We are in Michigan where every little bit of help to seal a old building is welcomed.
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Brenda & Steve M Confirmed Purchase

Oct 10, 2019

We just want to say a huge THANK YOU for your service. We ordered window inserts from you over this summer and are very happy so far with the product. It has not been real cold yet but the inserts seem to be doing what they are supposed to. Thank you again for your help putting together this order for us.
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