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Many customers watch the videos, read the reviews and go ahead with the full order right away. We've been starting a lot more people with full orders since 2011 with few problems. This often gives you the best pricing and efficient shipping with larger size panels.

Measuring Form (Excel xls file) - or - Measuring Form (pdf file)
Save first, print, & complete.
Email in for a quote or order online.

Another option is to 'Get a Starter' or small order comprised of small sizes or split panels for single/double hung windows or small left/right sliders. Ordering one, a few or many small or split panel inserts online is easy and a good way to see product work on one or a few of your windows.

Full house or larger orders are encouraged and afford the best per window pricing and most efficient and affordable shipping in most cases.

Panels up to 48" x 84" can be made as large single panels. Multiple panels can be used for larger openings comprised of two or three sections across.

Larger sized openings including LARGE SINGLE PANEL inserts, MULLED TOGETHER DOUBLE WINDOWS, and LARGE THREE PANEL openings must be ordered in sets using order online or via email. PATIO DOOR SETS may or may not be feasible as part of a full order depending on order size and location.

Most orders ship within 5 to 10 business days.

Starter Window Inserts or Orders with small sizes fit window openings as a either a small single panel inserts; split upper/lower panel inserts, or smaller left/right panels for sliding windows.

Some examples of small single panel sizes for casement, jalousie, single or double hung:
Up to 19\" x 61\" made as a single panel (19 + 61 = 80 UI)
Up to 20\" x 60\" made as a single panel (20 + 60 = 80 UI)
Up to 21\" x 59\" made as a single panel (21 + 59 = 80 UI)
Up to 22\" x 58\" made as a single panel (22 + 58 = 80 UI)
Up to 23\" x 57\" made as a single panel (23 + 57 = 80 UI)
Up to 24\" x 56\" made as a single panel (24 + 56 = 80 UI)
Up to 25\" x 55\" made as a single panel (25 + 55 = 80 UI)
Up to 26\" x 54\" made as a single panel (26 + 54 = 80 UI)
Up to 27\" x 53\" made as a single panel (27 + 53 = 80 UI)
Up to 28\" x 52\" made as a single panel (28 + 52 = 80 UI)
Up to 29\" x 51\" made as a single panel (29 + 51 = 80 UI)
Up to 30\" x 50\" made as a single panel (30 + 50 = 80 UI)
Up to 31\" x 49\" made as a single panel (31 + 49 = 80 UI)
Up to 32\" x 48\" made as a single panel (32 + 48 = 80 UI)
Anything under 32\" x 48\" is a small single panel.

LARGER SINGLE PANEL inserts are available in multiples or groups for most medium to large size orders. Shipping may be cost more for LARGER SINGLE PANEL inserts.

Up to 36\" x 72\" made as upper/lower split panels
Up to 40\" x 54\" made as upper/lower split panels
Up to 72\" x 35\" made as left/right split panels

Easy to Measure, Easy to Order, Easy to Install
Get a Starter and Place an order

Our pricing is based on a Multi Unit Volume Discounted Price. Your discount factors in the number of window inserts ordered.

How to measure for an order:

Measure the window frame opening inside the window sill where you are going to place the insert. Measure from left to right and top to bottom. Check you have enough room (5/8 inch needed) behind any blinds, or curtains. Be sure plantation shutters won\'t impede sliding the inserts into place. Ideally, there should be an air space of between 3/4 to 3 inches between your existing glass pane and the insert. Make sure you measure the part of the frame where you want your inserts to be located. You can use any trim or part of the frame as long as it is at least 1/2 inch deep and flat.

Check 6 measurements per window frame opening. Measure width at the bottom, middle and top and height at the left, center and right to make sure the openings are consistent. If the width measurements are consistent within 1/4 inch and height measurements are consistent within 1/4\" then only one width and one height need be used for ordering. Send all 6 measurements via email or fax if they are different.

Number your measurements beginning with 1. Next to each measurement note whether you want a white or brown frame. It helps to note what room each window is in, such as LR, DR, MBD, BD1, BD2, BTH, KT. Fill out the information for each window in your house. Order online, email or fax in sheets. Be sure to include your name, phone number and shipping address.

Call or email regarding commercial, multi-tenant, warehouse or large/multi building pricing.

We ship orders via FedEx ground or using LTL freight, depending on box size and quantity. Due to shipping terms- Single large size inserts can cost as much to ship as many. Grouping more windows into orders will save money.

Order with your neighbors and save even more.

Shipping to Alaska, Canada and other places may be higher.


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