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Benefits of EnergySavr Window Inserts

If you live in an area of the country where furnace heat and/or cooling are used, EnergySavr Window Inserts are an effective, elegant, and affordable way to increase occupant comfort and substantially reduce utility costs. EnergySavr Window Inserts will attractively enhance, supplement and insulate your existing single or dual pane windows. Keep your existing windows. EnergySavr Window Inserts are easy to measure for installation, and just as easy to order and install.
EnergySavr Window Inserts utilize an attractive, durable aluminum frame with the strength and stability to create a strong yet lightweight interior window insulation assembly. A typical size EnergySavr Window Insert weighs less than two pounds. EnergySavr Window Inserts use a soft flexible surround edge of open cell foam. This foam edge seals and allows for slight variations of window square and sill texture. This creates an easy measure and fitment in the existing interior window sill area. The EnergySavr Window Insert film ‘window’ is not heavy, breakable glass. It is not thick, heavy acrylic. It is not a delicate, thin heat-shrink. The EnergySavr Window Inserts ‘window’ is a lightweight, durable, clear and clean thick vinyl film covering that is non-conductive and impermeable to air flow. This film covering feels soft and forgiving to the touch yet is super strong and has a quality to feel warmer than glass once installed. It has an anti-static quality to effectively repel collection of dust.
If the current outside temperature is cold you will notice shorter furnace run time, and longer intervals between the run cycles. If you felt a cold draft in the heated area, the drafty cold air movement will be reduced substantially, creating a much warmer environment. The area will seem more subdued, relaxed and quieter. If sitting on furniture placed near windows left you cold, you will feel warmer and more comfortable with EnergySavr Window Inserts Rooms that were previously avoided as ‘cold rooms’, will be warmer. Cold ‘back bedrooms’ will be noticeably much warmer. If the outside temperature is hot, you will notice the Air Conditioner has shorter run duration and longer intervals between cycles. Rooms that were previously avoided as ‘hot rooms’, will be cooler. The insulation value of EnergySavr Window Inserts will reduce temperature swings indoors.
Yes they will. Any currently installed window will benefit from an extra layer of insulation provided by EnergySavr Window Inserts.
Research shows the combination of reduced air infiltration combined with the additional insulation value provided by the EnergySavr Window Inserts may result in energy cost savings of 15%-40% or more. How this translates into dollars saved is dependent on your own fuel costs and other variables, such as outdoor weather, climate, and type of existing windows. It would be typical for the installation of EnergySavr Window Inserts to result in an initial cost payback time of one to three years. The immediate relief of an uncomfortable interior, replaced by a comfortable interior is a major reason to choose EnergySavr Window Inserts.
EnergySavr Window Inserts work best for both applications and you'll save money on both heating and air conditioning. If your primary need is due to the high cost of heating or cooling and a desire for increased comfort within the building, EnergySavr Window Inserts are your best choice.

Measuring, Installation & Ordering

It is easiest if one person does the measuring, calling out the correct sizes to another person to write down. Measure the spot where you want the EnergySavr Window Inserts to fit within the window sill area. Pick the best spot to measure that will give from one to four inches of space between the Window Insert and the window surface. Be consistent with the same distance from the window all around for both the width and height. It is important to be consistent with the measurements. Be sure the tape measure blade is straight, not bowed or bent. A ¾ measuring tape works better than a narrower width. Be sure to measure level across and not at an up/down, front/back, or side to side off angle. Always measure width first, then height. If you believe your window sill area is out of square, take three measurements of width and height. Do this at bottom, middle and top- and again at left, center and right. We find less than two percent of windows are more than ¼ inch out of square, this presents no problem as the EnergySavr Window Inserts will fit and take up that issue seamlessly. Anything over ¼ inches from top/bottom side/side may need three measurements each to achieve proper fit. It is better to have a larger 'pocket of air' between the Inserts and the surface of the window. A half inch air pocket will not insulate as well as a two to three inch air pocket. You will need to check and adjust measurements for any vertical/horizontal blinds, curtains, shutters, and handles that may hinder entry/exit/fit of the Window Inserts. For vertical blinds mounted at the top of the window be sure to measure behind the mounting and all the way to the top sill. It is best if there is at least a half inch space between the blind and the window to get the EnergySavr Window Inserts tucked behind. If there is not a half inch space available, it is possible to measure to the vertical blind housing itself, and the EnergySavr Window Inserts will fit up the to the housing, rather than the top of the window sill.
Measure the window sill area width total first. Measure the height the same way. Input the numbers in the left/right or upper/lower checkout, the correct split (50/50) will be automatically configured. If you desire or need the split differently, let us know and we can help with that.
Yes. Try using the online ordering cart, or if you desire, input sizes through email or fax for a price quote.
We are able to make and ship panels of up to 48" by 84". This may not be your best choice- as installation, removal and storage can be problematic in this size. Shipping is also expensive for this size panel, and the likelihood of damage is higher if it is only one or two panels of this size. We suggest anything that involves panels over about 38" x 60" should be separated into smaller panel size and split either left/right or top/bottom. If large panels of up to 48"x 84" are needed we can accommodate this size, we prefer if larger quantity of the same size are placed within an order.
No. A typical window size EnergySavr Window Insert weighs less than two pounds.
Measure the entire opening and order it online as one large opening. Select 'Three Panels Across' in the 'Panel Split Options' and then specify either three equal sections or enter the width of the center section.
In general, mirror the window style you already have, either left/right or upper/lower panels. If you desire, single panels can be made for your windows of up to 38" x 60" size or larger if needed. It is best to order larger sizes as groups or with full orders. However we feel it best to keep window panel sizes somewhat smaller if possible for both shipping and storage/handling reasons.
We can supply a quote, just email or contact our office with dimensions and shipping location
Using the PayPal checkout allows the choice of up to six months to pay.
We suggest if you want to try several EnergySavr Window Inserts to start, place a small for trial order. We are certain you will then want to order the rest for your whole house. By ordering more at once, higher savings are possible.

Additional benefits and information on noise reduction & condensation

Yes. Dust, dirt and pollen passing through your existing windows will then stop on the sill behind the EnergySavr Window Inserts. The sight of some dust and dirt between the EnergySavr Window Inserts and your existing windows is common- they are keeping that dust from coming further into the building.
They often help. They may reduce condensation buildup on the existing windows. They might not stop it. It varies greatly with weather temperature and humidity conditions both in and outside the building. If you run a humidifier or live in a humid area you may still have condensation buildup on the existing windows or EnergySavr Window Inserts. EnergySavr Window Inserts cannot guarantee stoppage of condensation buildup.
Reduce yes. Stop no. Outside noise levels vary in many ways. The degree the EnergySavr Window Inserts are able to reduce that noise is just as variable. How loud is the noise? Is the noise high or low pitched? Is the noise constant or variable? All these effect the sound reduction achieved with the Window Inserts installed. If your main concern is noise reduction, we encourage you to research other options within the window soundproofing field. They may help muffle some noise if you have single pane wood frame or metal frame windows and a larger pocket of air (2-4 inches) between insert and your glass. We do have customers that were more interested in energy savings and comfort who are pleased with some noise reduction as an added benefit to the savings. If you have newer vinyl windows look for other thicker products.

Window openings & types of Window Inserts

Yes. Window Inserts can work great on screened in porches and we have many customers that have been using them to enclose porch windows for years. Most screen porch window inserts require extra clips or hardware to keep them in place. EnergySavr Window Inserts need to be well secured in this setting as they will suffer movement or expulsion from high winds. Large size panels may not be recommended in a screen porch situation, please contact us for your application.
We do not currently make or supply arched, or curved or triangular Window Inserts.
Yes, if the window sill is deep enough to allow for the Window Insert to fit within the space without hitting the crank assembly. Often the handle can be replaced with a smaller 'butterfly crank', available at most big box hardware stores, using a slotted screwdriver. Some handles can be turned into a position where it is less out of the way. Examine the option of turning the crank handle into an 'up' position allowing more room for the Window Insert fitment.
Possibly. This is only feasible on full house and/or larger orders with multiple sets of patio doors due to boxing and shipping. Make sure the handles do not stick out past the frame opening.
Yes. In most cases where your screens are at least 7/16 inch thick our inserts will stay in place. You may see better moisture reduction by measuring for a larger pocket of air where possible depending on the different trim areas surrounding the window. Larger panels covering two casement windows may be ordered in groups or on larger orders. Customers often start with one or a small group of smaller sizes first.

General Questions

We do ship to Alaska and Canada, shipping charges are higher. The customer is also responsible for any taxes, duties, tariffs or any additional charges for Canadian shipping and customs. Shipping charges are also higher for several zip codes in the New York City or Washington D.C. areas, the upper peninsula of Michigan and some rural areas. We will contact you before building your order for approval of any additional shipping charges.
We suggest minimal cleaning is needed as the clear vinyl has anti-static and should not gather much dust or dirt. Fingerprints or other soiling may be cleaned using a soft cotton cloth such as a t-shirt like material with warm mildly soapy (like liquid dish soap) water. The metal frame is easily washable with a soft cloth and warm slightly soapy water, as is the foam edge surround. Do not use scratch pads or harsh chemical or abrasive cleansers to cleanse the Window Inserts.
We have EnergySavr Window Inserts that are over ten years old still in use and in great condition. Improper storage may result in less life of the EnergySavr Window Inserts, especially the foam edge surround. This foam edge surround can be pulled from the frame and replaced. We are able to provide the foam strip as a replacement piece should it ever be needed. With minimal maintenance the system should be trouble-free for many years.
We suggest on existing windows not needed for open ventilation, to keep the EnergySavr Window Inserts in place year 'round. Keeping EnergySavr Window Inserts in place will reduce cooling/heating costs. If the windows need to be opened seasonally, EnergySavr Window Inserts storage is best in a cooler and darker area. Some places that work well for storage are: The basement, behind the headboard of beds, behind couches, sofas, dressers or drawers. They are lightweight and thin at half inch each, so several of them will take up only a few inches of depth. Some places that do not work well for EnergySavr Window Inserts storage are: the outside, hot garages, hot attics.
We have found white edge surround foam to not have the character or life expectancy of the grey edge foam surround. You will generally not notice the window foam color after a short time as it disappears into the larger whole window effect.
We have found the white, bronze/brown and the tan color to be quite well received and we choose to primarily stick with them. If you specify another color needed we are able to quote that color choice based on a larger minimum order size.
EnergySavr Window Inserts have a two year warranty against defects. We will replace, repair or send materials to repair product during the first 24 months from delivery. Abuse, neglect or damage to vinyl, weather-stripping or frame is not covered. Customer may be responsible for shipping and handling charges.