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Easy Order Window Inserts Online

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Measure the Height & Width of your Window Opening

Measure the opening at the spot where you want the inserts to fit. An inch or more from the existing glass is preferred. Inserts are 1/2" thick.

For larger size windows check box for left/right or upper/lower type split choice

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Product Description

Please take a few minutes to watch our videos HERE. We really like how they turned out, and think they show what you need to know to confidently place your order with us.

Answers to most questions can be found in the FAQ.

Measure and order online.
Most orders ship within 7 to 10 business days.
Slide them in & enjoy comfort and savings.

Measuring Form (Excel xls file) - or - Measuring Form (pdf file)
Save first, print, complete & Order Online using one width and one height.

Measure the opening at the spot where you want the inserts to fit. An inch or more from the existing glass is preferred. Inserts are 1/2" thick, make sure you have room behind window treatments.

Use one width and one height to order online. Check the opening and record one width and one height. If needed, note all six measurements of any that are more than 1/4" off or odd.

Only email in the excel sheet (or pdf) after ordering if there are odd sizes, or if you want us to give you a quote.

For odd sizes or help ordering, email completed form to eric@windowinserts.com or fax to 888 489-9462.

Full Order Online Ordering and orders with large single panels or large multiple panel openings. Panels up to 48" x 84" can be made as large single panels. Multiple panels can be used for larger openings comprised of two or three sections across.

Larger sized openings including large single panel inserts, mulled together double sets of windows, and large three panel openings must be ordered in sets or multiples using this page or via email. PATIO DOOR SETS may or may not be feasible as part of a full order depending on order size and location.

Full house or larger orders are encouraged and afford the best per window pricing and most efficient and affordable shipping in most cases.