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Please take a few minutes to watch our videos HERE. We really like how they turned out, and think they show what you need to know to confidently place your order with us.

Answers to most questions can be found in the FAQ.

Measure and order online.
Most orders ship within one to two weeks.
Slide them in & enjoy comfort and savings.

Measuring Form (Excel xls file) - or - Measuring Form (pdf file)
Save first, print, complete & Order Online using one width and one height.

Measure the opening at the spot where you want the inserts to fit. An inch or more from the existing glass is preferred. Inserts are 1/2" thick, make sure you have room behind window treatments.

Use one width and one height to order online. Check the opening and record one width and one height. If needed, note all six measurements of any that are more than 1/4" off or odd.

Only email in the excel sheet (or pdf) after ordering if there are odd sizes, or if you want us to give you a quote.

For odd sizes or help ordering, email completed form to eric@windowinserts.com or fax to 888 489-9462.

Full Order Online Ordering and orders with large single panels or large multiple panel openings. Panels up to 48" x 84" can be made as large single panels. Multiple panels can be used for larger openings comprised of two or three sections across.

Larger sized openings including large single panel inserts, mulled together double sets of windows, and large three panel openings must be ordered in sets or multiples using this page or via email. PATIO DOOR SETS may or may not be feasible as part of a full order depending on order size and location.

Full house or larger orders are encouraged and afford the best per window pricing and most efficient and affordable shipping in most cases.

Average Customer Rating:

5 Most useful customer reviews

Dawn D. Confirmed Purchase

Sep 10, 2018

We ordered Window Inserts for 5 of our extra large European-type windows. The windows add a lot of charm to our home but do not keep us cool in summer or warm in winter. My only regret with this order is that I didn't do it sooner!

It took us a couple days to get all of the inserts in place but once we had one room done there was a noticeable difference right away! It has really helped keep our home cool this summer compared to last summer.

We had an issue with our original order and Eric responded to us quickly and called the same day he got my email - on a saturday. He took care of the problem and was great to work with. We really appreciated his customer service and LOVE the product!
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Andy Confirmed Purchase

Oct 23, 2018

I bought a few last spring and a few more a couple weeks ago with winter around the corner.

I have a handful of original 1950's single pane awning windows in the bedrooms. Hard to get a perfect air seal and the glass radiates cold. I replaced the mesh bug screens with the inserts and they have stopped cold drafts seeping in before and dramatically reduced sound transmission. Bedrooms are very comfortable now.

In my basement I have some newer glass block windows. They do not leak any air and are well sealed, but the glass itself still radiates cold. I used these in front of them and now my basement stays pretty warm.

I even bought sets to use on my newer double pane windows and while there wasn't the degree of improvement compared to the single pane or glass block windows, there was still a positive improvement.

These are totally worth the money and a much better buy than replacing older windows that are still in good shape.
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Michael H Confirmed Purchase

Sep 18, 2018

I'm very happy with this. I live in central Texas. With my IR gun, I measured the outside temperature of the window at 105 degrees. Without the inserts (and without turning on the air conditioning with the window under direct sunlight in the late morning), I measured the inside temperature of the window at 101 degrees. When I put the inserts into the window and waited a few days, under the same conditions (direct sunlight in the late morning), I measured the inside temperature of the window at 92 degrees - nearly a 10 degree difference. I also measured the inside temperature of the wall right next to the window at 83 degrees (again, with no air conditioning running). The inserts make a huge difference with these single-pane windows. Obviously they're not going to match the insulation of the wall, but they do insulate very effectively compared to having nothing there at all or compared to replacing your windows entirely.
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Scott H Confirmed Purchase

Nov 7, 2018

We have a large number of windows in our condo and decided to purchase these inserts from Window Inserts in order to reduce our energy bills during the long Wisconsin Winters. We couldn't be more pleased. Not only did they reduce our energy bills, but they are high quality and look great. Thanks Window Inserts.
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David I Confirmed Purchase

Oct 26, 2018

These inserts are a great product and value. I have reorder twice. I have an 1800 old wood colonial on a lake in Ma. When the temp. is zero and wind 40 mph off the lake, it is cold! Window inserts have made a huge improvement in reducing drafts and making the temp. more comfortable. I recommend strongly. Dave
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