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Elizabeth B Confirmed Purchase

Nov 14, 2022

We love these - have them now in nearly every window in the main house. The house was built variously in 1750 and 1820 - in the larger 19th C part, they're 12-over-12 windows. The split insert fits perfectly and doesn't obstruct the view. I've sent pictures to the company to show you how nicely they fit, and their effect to reduce the cold drafty air is just great.
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C. W. Confirmed Purchase

Dec 22, 2018

The inserts we ordered just on the 18th have arrived and are now installed. They fit perfectly, and they look even better than expected. The house already feels warmer and quieter. Thank you for your incredibly fast turnaround, fantastic product and careful shipping -- what a great experience!
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John and Ann Aultman Confirmed Purchase

Oct 21, 2019

We ordered some inserts last year to try them out, they are great. We are ordering more this year, doing a room at a time and it makes a noticeable difference in the warmth and also reduces fuel costs.
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Bridges B Confirmed Purchase

Feb 22, 2021

WindowInserts has made a tremendous difference in the comfort of our home. No more drafts! And the energy savings is very significant - at least $50/month. Best home improvement investment we’ve ever made.
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Kenny M Confirmed Purchase

Oct 5, 2022

This is the 3rd year I have ordered inserts and am very pleased with past purchases. I have 48 windows in my house and storm windows would be financially impossible. These inserts work just as well. Very clear, sturdy, no yellowing, and I have saved both winter and summer on heating and cooling! VERY SATISFIED!!
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Alice V Confirmed Purchase

Dec 9, 2022

Today, my package was delivered by FedEx and when my daughter came over for dinner, we decided to open the package together. I wanted to let you know, right away, how WONDERFUL these inserts are. They were easy-peasy to install, immediately! Immediately the room was warmer. All that cold air that was seeping through the crevasses of the window was STOPPED! IMMEDIATELY! STOPPED! I am so thrilled with my purchase, I had to write to you. And oh yeah, my daughter will be contacting you for some window inserts for her condo.

Thank you so much! I love them!
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Rich Confirmed Purchase

Feb 23, 2023

The window inserts noticeably reduced the cold drafts from our older rollout style windows!

I researched tons of options and was seriously considering building something on my own, but after some price point comparisons and speaking with the helpful office staff (Jessica TY again) their honest answers, resources and reviews persuaded me to purchase. The inserts blend right into the window frame once installed, they do not interfere with our window blinds and they perform exactly as advertised. We ended up purchasing 18 inserts in total and are 100% happy with the results.

Thanks for creating such a great solution to a common homeowner concern!
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Heidi B Confirmed Purchase

Nov 22, 2018

This is such a wonderful product! I've specified them for clients in the past. This is my first personal use.

I live in a Mid-Century house I've had since 1972 (a very long time) My home is (in)famous for being incredibly hard to heat. Even after installing exterior storm window, the living room was always chilly. I knew intellectually these inserts were a good idea but as I was installing them I could actually feel the cold of the existing glass go away behind the inserts. Amazing!

And, in addition to being warmer, the room was quieter. It feels comfortable, warm, and quiet.

The packaging was in perfect condition when they arrived. Each window was numbered and the numbers corresponded to the attached invoice so installation was a breeze. I liked having color options. I used the white on the window wall but didn't want to use white on the clerestory windows on the cedar wall. The brown is perfect. It just goes away.

Everything about working with your company and installing this product has been incredibly easy. Wonderful customer service. Beautifully fabricated inserts. Helpful all the way through the process.

I couldn't be happier! Thank you!
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Cliff Confirmed Purchase

May 16, 2019

Everything about this order was both easy and fun! Eric gave me confidence in the company, so we ordered 14 inserts to fit a home that is about 90 years old. The windows are all quite loose and rattle and are breezy and inefficient. All 14 fit perfectly and all of a sudden the home felt solid, tight and efficient! Easy as pie to install. Thanks again folks. Cliff from Galveston
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John B Confirmed Purchase

Oct 24, 2019

Recently ordered 2 windows. Easy to install, they fit perfectly. I plan to order more windows next year.
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Ferial Confirmed Purchase

Nov 21, 2019

These inserts work. I have two large sunrooms that are usually 20-30 degrees colder than the rest of my condo in the winter. I did my research and took a chance. I couldn't be more pleased. Winter has just begun, but no more freezing sunrooms, and I barely need my heater. In fact, the temperature in my condo stays pretty even throughout the day. The best part is that my sunrooms, which were never useable in the winter, are now comfortable enough to sit in when it's cold. You won't go wrong with these inserts: they provide excellent insulation, they are lightweight, and you get to keep your views. Eric was also a pleasure to work with. Definitely 5-star service and a 5-star product.
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Linette B Confirmed Purchase

Feb 5, 2020

I ordered 6 window inserts and was very pleased with them. They did a very good job of packing them so they arrived undamaged. They were very easy to install, look nice and are well made. I did have a problem, but it was an error on my part. One of my inserts did not fit because I measured it wrong. I contacted Window Inserts and asked them how to handle this and asked for info on getting a replacement and what the cost would be. To my surprise I received an e-mail stating that my insert was being shipped. It arrived and fit perfectly, I wasn't charged for the replacement. Its hard to believe a company would do this. Kudos to Window Inserts. Needless to say, I have been telling people about what a great company they are and have been asked how to contact them. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone.
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Marcela W Confirmed Purchase

Mar 16, 2020

I wanted to let you know how perfect the two inserts are that I got for my really cheap and inefficient single-paned basement windows. I wanted to replace the windows but when I got a quote for $600 each, I said screw that. My husband also said screw that, but he didn't say screw. He said a much harsher word. Anyway, the inserts you sent fit PERFECTLY and they are definitely cutting a big chunk of draft from getting in. Easy to install.
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Sara H Confirmed Purchase

Mar 25, 2020

We own a 105 year old house and replacing all the single pane, hand blown glass windows was beyond expensive. These inserts are wonderful! Both warming and quieting the house has been a real gift. The company is so responsive and kind, such nice people to deal with, we definitely recommend them!
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Wells M Confirmed Purchase

Oct 26, 2020

I recently ordered inserts for every other window in my home for this winter and they all arrived and fit great with the exception of one window.

The main reason for this review is: when I called and spoke to Eric to report the issue, he was extremely helpful and easy to deal with and said he'd take care of the error and send out a replacement insert asap. This kind of customer service is unusual today and I really appreciate it.

Overall I am extremely pleased with the look/quality/function of these inserts and will highly recommend to anyone with inefficient windows instead of full replacement. Another side benefit is my aluminum frame windows were not very attractive and these inserts really make them look so much better and cleaner from the inside in plan to leave them in all year. Thanks for the help Eric!
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Stephen Confirmed Purchase

Dec 21, 2020

My wife and I needed our windows for our newly purchased home in New York to have storm windows installed as well as the possibility of replacing several windows due to the drafts of wind finding their way into our home. Consequently, we had a Contractor come to the home and measure all the windows and then waited for him to contact us regarding the price and time that it would take to install them. Days turned into weeks and we received no response from the Contractor even after leaving voicemail and text messages, all the while the weather was getting colder. That is when I decided to extensively search the internet and came across, "Windowinserts," and took note of all of the positive reviews. My wife and decided to only purchase two inserts to try which were not as expensive as having to replace a window or to purchase storm windows. I effortlessly installed them onto two of the most drafty windows in our three-floor home and much to our delight, they worked AMAZINGLY! The room temperature has never been as warm and the draft NO LONGER EXISTED! So, needless to say, we just purchased additional window inserts for six more windows! My wife and I HIGHLY recommend to those that are in need of their windows to be insulated to consider "Windowinserts."
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Don S Confirmed Purchase

Jan 8, 2021

Our condo association placed an order a couple years ago for these inserts. We noticed a significant improvement in comfort level, and additionally a noticeable drop in our energy bills. We recently placed another order to maximize energy efficiency for more windows in our condo. I would recommend these inserts to anyone who wants a well built product that will save them money. Our association is in Wisconsin.
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Michelle M Confirmed Purchase

Oct 15, 2021

After 3 years installed, these windows are still wonderful! They paid for themselves after one year in utility savings alone. Easy to install/uninstall, clear, and air tight, what more could you want. I have a historic home and while I love my original windows, I don’t love the drafts. No more window film, no more temporary fixes. They look as great as the day I got them.
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Kelly E. Confirmed Purchase

Nov 13, 2021

Hey Eric! I just wanted to drop a quick note that I received in my inserts and I also have already some of the Indow window inserts and OMG you guys are phenomenal. Outstanding job, the white is actually White, they are not 8 ft by 8 ft so I can take them out myself and clean them when the time comes. You guys BLOW Indow out the window. LOL THANK YOU

My only regret so far is that I did not know of you guys first and that I did not trust in the fact to order for my entire house this first time!
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Deloris N Confirmed Purchase

Jan 17, 2022

These window inserts are great! We initially ordered 26 inserts to winterize our screened-in-porch and screen door. (There was a minor issue with a couple of the inserts that was quickly corrected. This is a great company to work with!)

Since our screened-in-porch is on the north side of the house here in Iowa, we added storm window clips and some wood trim pieces for extra stability for strong winter winds. We've had our share of winter weather and everything is staying in place nice and tight. These have made an area with no glass panes quite comfortable on mild winter days and have increased our living space.

We love these so much we ordered a few more for some drafty casement and double hung windows in the house.

They are easy to install and look great!
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Dennis O Confirmed Purchase

Nov 30, 2022

I ordered 4 inserts and the price, build, fit, shipping and service are exceptional. My home is 2 story, built 1905. Walls are fully insulated but the double hung windows are drafty, inefficient single pane. The inserts are snug on all sides and the film is surprisingly efficient at helping to retain heat and completely eliminated drafts. The rooms come up to temp quicker and hold temp longer without the furnace kicking on. Price was the initial attraction as opposed to purchasing replacement windows. Prior to ordering I had questions and the staff was great in providing answers and information. The inserts arrived with packaging that ensures they are undamaged. Pretty impressive all around. Absolutely I recommend these inserts.
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Jon S. Confirmed Purchase

Dec 11, 2022

I have inserts on every window in my home. Shocked standard window installs do not come with these!!! Immediately noticed the drafts have vanished and our house is warm again! Will recommend to entire family.
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Tim H Confirmed Purchase

Dec 18, 2022

Hi Folks. Received my order today.

Very seldom does anything make me go WOW...but WOW!
Instant difference. Exceptional value. Look for me to be ordering more soon!

Thanks again! Great product!
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Bill Y Confirmed Purchase

Feb 28, 2023

You exceeded all my expectations. The inserts are extremely well made and fit perfectly. New windows are so costly and never will payback the expense. These inserts should payback in less than a year by reducing energy bills. I installed them behind blinds and they upgrade the look. Drafts are eliminated. I am very pleased to have your product in our home. My wife is thrilled and I am happy. Thank you for being exceptional!
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Cheryl F Confirmed Purchase

Oct 19, 2023

Received the inserts yesterday. They were not only easy to install, the also fit and look great!

Thank you,

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