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Danny & Anna U Confirmed Purchase

Nov 26, 2023

We purchased eight inserts for our porch. All but one fit perfect. Called and spoke with Eric and received a replacement within ten days. We love these inserts for our porch. They fit perfectly over our screens,so that you can't even tell that they are there. My husband secured them with tension rods at each side to prevent the wind from pushing them out due to high winds. Customer service is great! Eric is the best! Would highly recommend them and not hesitate to purchase them again.
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Angie C Confirmed Purchase

Oct 4, 2020

I received my nine window inserts on Tuesday. Installing them was easy. The larger windows were a bit snug, but I followed the instructions that came inside the box and started at the top, then pushed the side edges as I went down. On my coldest window, I pulled back on the frame gently to set the insert further back from the window, creating a dead air space for better insulation. That worked well.

It took me only 30 minutes to install them yesterday afternoon. Then I didn't give it much thought until last night, when I stepped outside and noticed it was 48 degrees outside. It was still 72 in the house without the furnace being on, so I hadn't even noticed that it had gotten colder outside.

This morning there was a chill in the house because the temp had dropped another 10 degrees overnight, so I turned on the furnace.

I use to feel cold air coming from all those large windows when the heat was on. But with the inserts in place, the heat fills the whole room and there is no draft. When I walk past a window, there is no longer a temperature difference. This is going to work out nicely.

Tonight I'm having another warm and cozy evening. It appears that the house is now holding the warmer daytime temperature later into the night. I left my furnace on, but it hasn't kicked in yet and it's now 46 degrees outside. These inserts are exactly what you said they'd be. That almost never happens these day. I'm loving this!

Thank you so much.

North Billerica, Massachusetts
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Brian M Confirmed Purchase

Sep 16, 2022

Purchased mine last year. Love them. I was looking at several alternatives, these were by far the most cost effective solution. Put them up, secured with a couple of small screws just for wind gusts, and we enjoyed our screen porch an additional 3 months. Used a small heater and we were able to sit out comfortably even on 40 degree days, no problem. Customer service was fantastic. Called a couple of times with questions, and Eric made the entire process extremely easy. I have since recommended them to several friends. Would definitely recommend them.
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Ginny B Confirmed Purchase

Dec 16, 2022

We renovated a 1760s house north of Albany NY that sits on a hill so to say the least, our windows are old and drafty. Even with exterior storm windows we fought to keep the house warm the first winter. We saw interior storm windows at a B&B and found Window Inserts on-line. We immediately ordered one to see how it would work and loved it so much we ordered them for the rest of the house. They work fabulously by keeping the drafts out and the heat in. We have since ordered more for our Adirondack home, equally as old and drafty!
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Steve & Maryann Confirmed Purchase

Jan 3, 2024

We ordered and installed our window inserts a couple months ago and we so pleased with them! They fit perfectly and we are amazed by how much of a difference they are make. No more drafts, the area by the windows are much warmer, and they even make it quieter. You can't beat these inserts! They look great, too! Very, very happy with them!
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Bryan C Confirmed Purchase

Jan 9, 2024

I received my order this morning I am very happy with your product they fit perfect in the 4 windows and will prevent heat lost and pay for them self. thank for a good product much better than taping up plastic.

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Robin Confirmed Purchase

Feb 20, 2024

I bought them for my 1940 Craftsman with it's original windows. I can't replace the windows due to required specs for being in a historically designated neighborhood are too cost prohibitive. The original single panes are in ok shape but they still leak. So I figured what the heck, I caught a good sale price and bought enough for every window. The process was easy and their customer service was fantastic. We talked about the type of insert I was ordering and the problems I was trying to fix.

One thing to remember, if you have blinds or shades in your windows, the inserts will have to go behind the shade or blind. So when you take your measurement you have to measure in the space behind the blinds are shades. In my case I didn't have enough space to make sure there was a one inch barrier between the window pane and the insert and still have the blind inside the frame. So, I chose to remove the blinds and replace them with curtains.
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Beth A Confirmed Purchase

Mar 8, 2019

Everyone has commented on how much warmer my house has been this winter, without even realizing or noticing my new interior window inserts because they are almost invisible. I have deep window sills, so I am able to display a collection of colored glass on the window sill, behind the window insert. Even I sometimes reach for objects and hit the insert ....they are that invisible!! I have actually begun to experience the financial gain from using less heating oil to also saving on electricity because my furnace and blower are not constantly cycling! Just amazing instant results!

I would like to thank you so very much for a couple of reasons. The first being that you provide a great quality interior window insert product that is so simple to use while providing instant results. Secondly, your customer service is spectacular and second to none. With a great quality product and superb customer service, it has been such a pleasure doing business with you.
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Jay in Maine Confirmed Purchase

Apr 10, 2019

I bought my first batch of inserts in 2007; I have a c. 1790 cape in Maine, and I needed to stop drafts around and protect my ancient sashes from moisture. I did an addition in 2009 and bought more. I love this product! They are of high quality, are easy to handle and store, and absolutely work as advertised. I am now replacing foam on some of them, and I'm reminded of how helpful Eric was and is and feel compelled to comment again on the great product and customer service. Also, although most of my inserts are over 13 years old now, all are in perfect shape; they are as solid, clear and serviceable as the day I received them from Energy Savr. Thank you Eric and everyone else there at the company!
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Colleen M Confirmed Purchase

Mar 11, 2022

We ordered 14 inserts last May for our screen porch and wanted to go through a couple seasons to test the inserts before making a decision if they were worth the time, effort and money. These inserts were worth every penny we spent! What a find!

First, the fit was perfect. We put them up in the spring to avoid all the pollen. What a difference in cleanup from the pollen when we took them down for the summer. Now, we've had them up all winter. We have been able to use this screen porch the entire winter....with no additional heat needed! The back of our house is full sun, so any sunny day, it warmed the entire room to where you didn't even need a jacket.

We've gained a whole other room for additional seasons. We did have a few oops's with them not remaining in the window during high wind days, but they remained fine and undamaged from coming out of the window. We managed to perfect how to keep them in the windows now and could not be happier! Congrats on this great product!!
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Catherine Confirmed Purchase

Aug 18, 2022

I love mine. Easy to install. Easy to remove. They really help regulate the temperature, and they’re attractive. No complaints here. It took about a week-maybe 10 days from ordering to delivery. I’m in Texas, where we’ve had 67 days above 100 degrees & my electric bill has been about $50 less each month from last year. I only did 2 rooms.
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Leonard Confirmed Purchase

Oct 12, 2022

These are excellent. They work as advertised. Well built, sturdy, and make a good seal. I have purchased these for every window the house. They really do reduce heating costs.
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Patty Confirmed Purchase

Jan 15, 2023

I ordered one as a test to see how I would like it. WOW what a difference it makes. No more breeze coming in. I measured it and it fit like a glove. I am VERY impressed with the product. I ordered the tan and it matches perfectly. I just placed an order for 2 more and will see how these do. I am sure they will be as amazing as the first one. Thanks for a great product.
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Leroy W Confirmed Purchase

Sep 20, 2023

WOW! Not only did I get a phone call, but also a text from Eric asking questions about my order. After he reviewed my order, he call to make sure the type/style could be changed to save me some money on shipping. Then he took some time to hear my issues with the windows. Eric gave me advice on things I should be looking for and how to correct it. Who does that today? Who takes time to listen? They do and I know that I went to the right place. Thanks Eric
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Michelle D Confirmed Purchase

Dec 29, 2023

Good evening. Received 4 window inserts. Packaged really well. Installed already and love. I will let you know if anything different after winter. Happy new year.

New York
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DKB Confirmed Purchase

Jan 22, 2024

Was a little wary about spending the money because we live in an apartment, but we use oil & it was costing us so much we didn't turn on the heating for one winter and just stuck with electric space heaters and electric blankets... This winter, we've been able to turn on the baseboard oil heating and we're AT LEAST saving $900/mo on our heating bill. Will be buying more to finish insulating the windows in the basement also. Plus, before the items shipped, they actually called to talk about the details of how I filled out the orders, and we changed things around based on their opinion to save shipping and be more efficient with number of splits - feels like they actually care about providing a quality experience and product.
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Chris R Confirmed Purchase

Dec 15, 2018

I just had the first opportunity today to install the inserts. OMG, these are the nicest units I could have ever imagined. I'm a business owner along with be ultra picky about everything thing I do and buy. I can always find something wrong with every product, but

I'm have to say that I couldn't find anything wrong with your product, quality and craftsmanship. The inserts arrived right on time, the boxing method you used was just like I saw on the videos and couldn't be more perfect. Inside, the inserts were well packed and protected.

The inserts fit perfect. I felt an immediate change in room temperature, turned down the furnace right after installing them. I really impressed with your inserts. I all ready have been spreading your products to friends and my customers even before I received the inserts. Everyone has been waiting for the installation report, when I tell them how wonderful they fit a long with the quality, I'm sure that they will be ordering also. Due to my perfection standards people follow whatever I purchase.

I will be a full time salesman for your product for years to come.

Thank you and your team for building a quality product that they can be proud of right here in the USA. God Bless you. It actually took me longer to email you than it took to install my inserts. Thanks again.
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Silvia Confirmed Purchase

Jan 7, 2019

I originally purchased 10 of these windows for the worst ones in my 1890's built house in Connecticut. First off, customer service was excellent, I called multiple times just to make sure I had the measurements correct and their people are great. Super helpful and they were able to figure out one thing which was causing me to have different measurements for every window. The first 10 arrived and made a HUGE difference in how comfortable my home is. The following month, I bought 10 more. We are currently spending about 1/2 as much money as we were on oil, keeping the house warmer by several degrees, and keeping doors open between rooms on the 1st floor which makes a huge difference our living space. At the holidays our guests noticed our house is much more comfortable than it has been previously. I've just purchased 7 more for the second floor and I can't wait for them to arrive. This is a great company with a great product. If you have questions, CALL! They are happy to help.
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Donald F Confirmed Purchase

May 9, 2023

I ordered two large window inserts for my living room floor to ceiling windows. Not only did Windows Inserts suggest that I get two window inserts for each window to save shipping charges but they manufactured the inserts to fit the openings perfectly and they look outstanding. I installed the inserts in approximately 30 minutes (took a 10 minute break between windows). These inserts appear to be well made and look very good installed. I highly recommend this company for energy efficient inserts to help save money on your energy bills. One of the best parts is that they can be removed as easily as they were installed. Great Job Windows Inserts! Love them. Memphis, TN.
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Douglas G Confirmed Purchase

Mar 8, 2024

I'm really glad I found these windows. I use them as standalone windows on a screened porch, a little different than they were designed. They work great. They have held up to the elements year after year, including in Midwestern winters, I was able to custom order them for size and they're so much easier to handle than glass windows. At the same time, the materials are of high quality and they have never looked cheap or plasticky. Plus they were hundreds if not thousands of dollars less than comparable window options. I've had compliments from friends and even contractors who have seen them and wanted to know what I used.
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Joe C Confirmed Purchase

Feb 18, 2019

I just wanted to take a few minutes and thank you. I’m not exactly the easiest person to please but you guys did an awesome job. From ordering, to shipping and receiving the inserts, it took 11 days to get them which I think is great. We live in upstate NY and Sunday morning it was 6 degrees out at 7:30 am. Normally I have to load our outdoor wood boiler after 12 hours especially being that cold. I loaded it at 4:30 Saturday afternoon and 7:30 the next morning there was still plenty of wood in the stove and I was beyond shocked. We have noticed a huge difference in wood consumption in just the few days we’ve had them so far. The quality of work is fantastic and the attention to detail is nice to see. You make a great product and the quality speaks for itself. On behalf of myself and my family thank you very much. I have passed on the great experience we had to others that I work with so I am hoping they send some work your way. Again, thank you.
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Dan B Confirmed Purchase

Nov 5, 2019

We live in Denver, in a poorly insulated 1950s home with single pane windows in several of the rooms. We originally tried 3 of the inserts out in our kitchen and immediately noticed the room stayed significantly warmer in the winter. Last year, we put inserts into 2 bedrooms and the office with similar results. We've also noticed a defininte reduction in drafts coming though those windows as well.

For the money, I don't think there's a better, more cost effective solution, than these window inserts.
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Randy Confirmed Purchase

Apr 25, 2020

I received and installed inserts yesterday.
Yes. The company is easy to work with, and the order to delivery time was good.

Yes. The inserts are easier to install than get out of the box. If your measurements are good, so also is the fit. I chuckled while installing them. It was fun.

Yes. The inserts are aesthetically pleasing (though there is some additional reflection happening). My interior designer would give them two thumbs up since they do not detract from the overall aesthetic impact of the cottage.

Since it is late April, I cannot report noticeable changes, but I am optimistic based on design and fit. Most reviews here speak to greater comfort during cold weather. I look forward to that, but my priority is to improve the efficiency of my AC during the worst of our SE TN summers. Historic, single-pane windows admit both cold and heat. Great results might bring a followup review this Fall.
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Henry T. Confirmed Purchase

Jan 5, 2022

Allow me to set the stage before raving about customer service and product quality.

The home is a high end custom built brick ranch constructed in 1968. The windows are Pella tilt-in double hung units. Originally they were single pane with clip-in storm windows. PIA and not very weather tight. Who cared when fuel oil was $.19 a gallon! We now have natural gas powering a base board hot water boiler system. About 8 years ago I found a antique window restorer that understood I had no intention of replacing our windows and actually listened to my idea. Short story is the ORIGINAL window sashes were routered to accommodate double pane argon filled inserts. TOUCH DOWN! Easy to clean and extremely efficient compared to the originals. But these tilt out Pellas leak air simply due to design and are still available today surprisingly.

So next I did the plastic and hair dryer trick. The argon was gone after 5 years anyway. The plastic wrap worked quite well actually but another major installation/removal PIA and grand kids love to test its durability.

In comes WINDOW INSERTS. Sure I nosed around a lot and even tested a major competitor. The bang for the buck is absolutely WINDOW INSERTS! These folks were a pleasure to work with. They are very professional and suggested shipping methods that were very cost effective. Quality is outstanding.

As the weather has turned really cold I can comfortably sit by our windows in total comfort!
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Kenley F Confirmed Purchase

Oct 28, 2023

Purchased inserts for six screened porch windows. The inserts arrived quickly and in perfect shape. Each were a perfect fit from my measurements, are well contructed and look great. They were easy to install and made an immediate difference to our porch. We had priced other ideas for adding seasons to our Vermont porch and the costs were going to be in the thousands. These window inserts are affordable and a better solution. We are thrilled with the purchase. Eric was extremely responsive to our questions and even called us to make a suggestion on our initial order which saved us significant money and gave us a better product. Awesome!
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