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Silvia Confirmed Purchase

Jan 7, 2019

I originally purchased 10 of these windows for the worst ones in my 1890's built house in Connecticut. First off, customer service was excellent, I called multiple times just to make sure I had the measurements correct and their people are great. Super helpful and they were able to figure out one thing which was causing me to have different measurements for every window. The first 10 arrived and made a HUGE difference in how comfortable my home is. The following month, I bought 10 more. We are currently spending about 1/2 as much money as we were on oil, keeping the house warmer by several degrees, and keeping doors open between rooms on the 1st floor which makes a huge difference our living space. At the holidays our guests noticed our house is much more comfortable than it has been previously. I've just purchased 7 more for the second floor and I can't wait for them to arrive. This is a great company with a great product. If you have questions, CALL! They are happy to help.
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C. W. Confirmed Purchase

Dec 22, 2018

The inserts we ordered just on the 18th have arrived and are now installed. They fit perfectly, and they look even better than expected. The house already feels warmer and quieter. Thank you for your incredibly fast turnaround, fantastic product and careful shipping -- what a great experience!
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Bathsheba Confirmed Purchase

Dec 18, 2018

Awesome product, great company. I have 7 of these things in windows large and small, and they keep us comfortable and save money every winter day. Drafts begone!
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Michelle Confirmed Purchase

Dec 15, 2018

Great product! Great company! Great service! Made in USA. I am so pleased with my purchase. Living in Western New York we are now moving into the deep freeze for the next 4-5 months. My home is old 1920's,and drafty. I dread wintertime . My typical routine is taping plastic on the windows but no more! When I purchased a few and saw how nice they were I promptly purchase more for all of my windows. I had looked at another brand and was quoted over 4xs what these cost. In a time where so many people lack a work ethic or companies don't care about their customers it is very refreshing to encounter a company with an excellent work product and customer service . Thank you!
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Chris R Confirmed Purchase

Dec 15, 2018

I just had the first opportunity today to install the inserts. OMG, these are the nicest units I could have ever imagined. I'm a business owner along with be ultra picky about everything thing I do and buy. I can always find something wrong with every product, but

I'm have to say that I couldn't find anything wrong with your product, quality and craftsmanship. The inserts arrived right on time, the boxing method you used was just like I saw on the videos and couldn't be more perfect. Inside, the inserts were well packed and protected.

The inserts fit perfect. I felt an immediate change in room temperature, turned down the furnace right after installing them. I really impressed with your inserts. I all ready have been spreading your products to friends and my customers even before I received the inserts. Everyone has been waiting for the installation report, when I tell them how wonderful they fit a long with the quality, I'm sure that they will be ordering also. Due to my perfection standards people follow whatever I purchase.

I will be a full time salesman for your product for years to come.

Thank you and your team for building a quality product that they can be proud of right here in the USA. God Bless you. It actually took me longer to email you than it took to install my inserts. Thanks again.
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Heidi B Confirmed Purchase

Nov 22, 2018

This is such a wonderful product! I've specified them for clients in the past. This is my first personal use.

I live in a Mid-Century house I've had since 1972 (a very long time) My home is (in)famous for being incredibly hard to heat. Even after installing exterior storm window, the living room was always chilly. I knew intellectually these inserts were a good idea but as I was installing them I could actually feel the cold of the existing glass go away behind the inserts. Amazing!

And, in addition to being warmer, the room was quieter. It feels comfortable, warm, and quiet.

The packaging was in perfect condition when they arrived. Each window was numbered and the numbers corresponded to the attached invoice so installation was a breeze. I liked having color options. I used the white on the window wall but didn't want to use white on the clerestory windows on the cedar wall. The brown is perfect. It just goes away.

Everything about working with your company and installing this product has been incredibly easy. Wonderful customer service. Beautifully fabricated inserts. Helpful all the way through the process.

I couldn't be happier! Thank you!
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Linda Confirmed Purchase

Nov 20, 2018

This was my third order to complete the house and my daughter’s space as well. Everything fit perfectly, as usual. Everything shipped quickly, in plenty of time to beat the freezing New England winter, as usual. And rooms are warm and cozy throughout the house. Can’t be more pleased, and anticipate lower heating costs this winter. Couldn’t be more pleased. And friends are asking for the web usual!
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Cheryl S Confirmed Purchase

Nov 16, 2018

Love these inserts. They took about 3 minutes to install. Easy, nicely and a perfect fit!
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Tim M Confirmed Purchase

Nov 12, 2018

100% on website, customer service, delivery, and utility! I ordered a test insert for an old window installed in 1888. It was delivered 2 days early and packaged extremely well. I unwrapped and installed the insert in a few minutes - it fit perfectly. The view through the window remained the same and friends couldn't see anything different. I will be ordering inserts for many more windows. I am so pleased with everything about this product.
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Scott H Confirmed Purchase

Nov 7, 2018

We have a large number of windows in our condo and decided to purchase these inserts from Window Inserts in order to reduce our energy bills during the long Wisconsin Winters. We couldn't be more pleased. Not only did they reduce our energy bills, but they are high quality and look great. Thanks Window Inserts.
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Greg Confirmed Purchase

Nov 1, 2018

These windows are awesome. we live in a duplex that was built in the 1600 and added on in 1843. We went through one of the coldest winters on record last year and was expecting huge heating bills. To our surprise, our bills were less expensive than the previous year and the house never had that chill you feel in old houses. the inserts stopped the drafts and kept the house a consistent temp all winter. Liked them so much we are ordering 16 more for the rental and feel confident the tenants will be comfortable. Thank you for this simple effective product.
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David I Confirmed Purchase

Oct 26, 2018

These inserts are a great product and value. I have reorder twice. I have an 1800 old wood colonial on a lake in Ma. When the temp. is zero and wind 40 mph off the lake, it is cold! Window inserts have made a huge improvement in reducing drafts and making the temp. more comfortable. I recommend strongly. Dave
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Andy Confirmed Purchase

Oct 23, 2018

I bought a few last spring and a few more a couple weeks ago with winter around the corner.

I have a handful of original 1950's single pane awning windows in the bedrooms. Hard to get a perfect air seal and the glass radiates cold. I replaced the mesh bug screens with the inserts and they have stopped cold drafts seeping in before and dramatically reduced sound transmission. Bedrooms are very comfortable now.

In my basement I have some newer glass block windows. They do not leak any air and are well sealed, but the glass itself still radiates cold. I used these in front of them and now my basement stays pretty warm.

I even bought sets to use on my newer double pane windows and while there wasn't the degree of improvement compared to the single pane or glass block windows, there was still a positive improvement.

These are totally worth the money and a much better buy than replacing older windows that are still in good shape.
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p martin Confirmed Purchase

Oct 23, 2018

These inserts really cut down on drafts, noise, debris from yard work, and even odors coming in from various neighborhood activities.

I just made my third purchase, to complete all of my windows.

They work. They are affordable. Eric was very helpful and accommodating to a custom request.
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Rick L Confirmed Purchase

Oct 10, 2018

I am extremely happy with the inserts and speed of delivery. Everything came in well packaged and ready to install. Took 10 minutes to install, no tools and no hassle. It has cut down on air infiltration completely and outside noise has decreased dramatically. I would recommend this company and product to anyone.
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Bob Confirmed Purchase

Oct 5, 2018

EXCELLENT product. The window that arrived at my house was in EXACT correspondence to the measurements that I had provided. Scott answered many of my questions afterwards regarding the product details, with a great amount of courtesy, openness, and directness. I give my highest endorsement to Windowinserts!
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Khristopher W Confirmed Purchase

Sep 30, 2018

Thank you so much for Helping Fix my Order THESE ARE SO GREAT!! I Never again have to buy that Plastic for the windows! well Definitely buy again!
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Lou. D Confirmed Purchase

Sep 27, 2018

Tried 1 window last year on a window we could not keep plastic on even with duct tape. These actually work. better. then I thought they could. Ordering the rest of Windows this year.I know they can stop a 40 mph wind
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Ralph P Confirmed Purchase

Sep 25, 2018

installed 8 windows last fall. Worked great all winter. I'm going to order 6 more. best investment in a long time! Can't be beat for the money.
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Michael H Confirmed Purchase

Sep 18, 2018

I'm very happy with this. I live in central Texas. With my IR gun, I measured the outside temperature of the window at 105 degrees. Without the inserts (and without turning on the air conditioning with the window under direct sunlight in the late morning), I measured the inside temperature of the window at 101 degrees. When I put the inserts into the window and waited a few days, under the same conditions (direct sunlight in the late morning), I measured the inside temperature of the window at 92 degrees - nearly a 10 degree difference. I also measured the inside temperature of the wall right next to the window at 83 degrees (again, with no air conditioning running). The inserts make a huge difference with these single-pane windows. Obviously they're not going to match the insulation of the wall, but they do insulate very effectively compared to having nothing there at all or compared to replacing your windows entirely.
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Brian A.

Sep 17, 2018

Excellent customer service.

I ordered 7 one piece inserts with one being slightly larger. Unfortunately when received the largest insert had been shipped as a split insert. I contacted by email on Sunday and problem was resolved Monday. Went above and beyond to correct the problem.

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Dawn D. Confirmed Purchase

Sep 10, 2018

We ordered Window Inserts for 5 of our extra large European-type windows. The windows add a lot of charm to our home but do not keep us cool in summer or warm in winter. My only regret with this order is that I didn't do it sooner!

It took us a couple days to get all of the inserts in place but once we had one room done there was a noticeable difference right away! It has really helped keep our home cool this summer compared to last summer.

We had an issue with our original order and Eric responded to us quickly and called the same day he got my email - on a saturday. He took care of the problem and was great to work with. We really appreciated his customer service and LOVE the product!
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Julie Confirmed Purchase

Apr 5, 2018

I work for a University and our windows are like paper and we have COLD winters. This product has made a HUGE difference in our offices being much warmer. Our windows are very irregular in size due to being an old building, but the inserts fit pretty good considering (definitely not a manufacturer issue, but our old building). While the inserts are flexible, they are not flimsy and I found rather easy to get in and out. The gentleman that I worked with was fantastic about double checking my measurements, etc. and do everything he could to make sure we were satisfied. Great product and team!
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Mar 24, 2018

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Brenda R

Feb 24, 2018

I just installed the 3 window inserts that I ordered, so easy to put in and the tan color matched my windows . Love them will be ordering more before next fall.
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