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Al P Confirmed Purchase

Jun 22, 2021

The inserts function exactly as advertised, and they earn very high marks, along with your excellent customer service.

Many thanks!

Al Peters
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Carole W Confirmed Purchase

Mar 9, 2021

My second set of inserts just arrived and were installed within minutes and fit perfectly. These were for a screened in porch which has the afternoon sun and the inserts make it so much warmer. The first set were for the main house windows and believe it or not the electric bill just arrived and is $80.00 less. A true believer that proper insulation helps control the heat loss during the colder days. Just buying this home in late September and trying to find ways to cut the drafts I looked at many ways and found Window Inserts and decided to try them and know it was the best purchase ever made. I will recommend doing this to anyone that has issues with drafts, heat loss or even to help with sound blockage as these inserts have done it all !!!! Great Job and Thank You...
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Connie H Confirmed Purchase

Mar 3, 2021

Ordered these for a screened in back porch. They fit great, look great and keep the porch so much cleaner and warmer in the winter. We are able to use our back porch so much more now. Great product! Easy to install and remove. Great service! Nice doing business with this company.
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Bridges B Confirmed Purchase

Feb 22, 2021

WindowInserts has made a tremendous difference in the comfort of our home. No more drafts! And the energy savings is very significant - at least $50/month. Best home improvement investment we’ve ever made.
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Rick W Confirmed Purchase

Feb 8, 2021

I live in a house built in 1870. The windows are original and not the best at keeping the cold out. Luckily I ordered these window inserts and they arrived just a few days before the big temperature drop. Even with the temperature drop of more than 30 degrees down to -5F, my house feels warmer. Best money I have spent on my home! I just did the first floor this time around - ready to do the second floor now!!!
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LINDA C Confirmed Purchase

Feb 1, 2021

I bought the inserts (six so far) for all the windows in the bedrooms. They have resolved long standing problems with my single pane windows. I have them inserted between 1 inch to 4 inches from the outside window panes. I am going to purchase more for the basement windows. The cost for all six inserts was less than what it would cost to replace ONE window.
Thank you for your product and quick delivery.
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Bruce M Confirmed Purchase

Jan 29, 2021

Windows arrived today and fit like a glove just like the previous 12. I appreciate the care of the precise cutting as well as how solidly they were packaged for shipping. Great Job. I am a big fan!
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Teresa K Confirmed Purchase

Jan 25, 2021

Just wanted to let you know that I received Window inserts today for 6 two-piece window inserts. I easily could have installed them myself, but with a little help from my brother, they were all up in about a half hour--and much of that time was spent wrestling with the furniture and blinds (I measured them to but up against the underside of the blinds header).

They look fantastic. Hardly noticeable. I couldn't be more pleased with how they look. I hope to be even more pleased with how they make the rooms feel. I can already tell a difference. I am currently sitting in my favorite chair in front of one of the windows and I do not feel the chill on the back of my neck!

I will certainty be ordering for the other room with the same 112 year old windows!

Eutaw, Alabama
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Stuart A Confirmed Purchase

Jan 25, 2021

I just wanted to thank you and the Window Inserts team for sending replacement inserts for the ones that were the incorrect size. The new ones fit perfectly and look great. I give your company an A+ for customer service.

Your inserts have transformed our single pane glassed in sun porch from a freezing cold room into one that my wife now uses as the office for her social work practice. The room now is warm and beautiful in the depths of the winter.

Thank you again for a great product and for great service.
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Mark Confirmed Purchase

Jan 16, 2021

Received my latest utility bill it has gone down about 10 dollars so far so good. The whole house has the inserts and they work great. As some of you know Iowa is cold and windy most of the time in the winter months. So if you have a draft coming through your windows purchase this product really works.
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Dana H Confirmed Purchase

Jan 14, 2021

We ordered 48 inserts for our north Texas home that was built in 1924. Best thing we have done here in years. Great experience.
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Don S Confirmed Purchase

Jan 8, 2021

Our condo association placed an order a couple years ago for these inserts. We noticed a significant improvement in comfort level, and additionally a noticeable drop in our energy bills. We recently placed another order to maximize energy efficiency for more windows in our condo. I would recommend these inserts to anyone who wants a well built product that will save them money. Our association is in Wisconsin.
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Jay C Confirmed Purchase

Jan 3, 2021

We ordered two sets of inserts, one set for our basement workout area, to help seal some crummy windows, very nice improvement. And the second order, a much larger order, to use on our screened patio. On the patio we wanted to be able to use it for winter this year so that we can have our adult children over during COVID-19. We have intentionally left some openings so that there is still good enough air flow. The order process when well and the product is great. We feel good about the price we paid, a good value.
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Sharon G Confirmed Purchase

Dec 24, 2020

I just wanted to drop you a note saying how happy I am with the window inserts. They fit great, and the drafty kitchen is now cozy. So easy to measure and install.

Thank you and happy holidays!
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Stephen S Confirmed Purchase

Dec 23, 2020

Just want to tell you how pleased we are with the new inserts. They arrived promptly and well protected in the shipping box.
It was a piece of cake to place these into the windows and within a 1/2 hr. all 13 were in. We get a constant westerly breeze on the front of the house and had been experiencing a lot of cold drafts. The plastic storm windows with the double-sided sticky tape were a hassle to put in and looked terrible. The drafts are gone the inserts are almost invisible and we're sure we'll be saving on heating fuel during the winter. You have a great product. Happy Holidays. Ours is sure to be warm and cozy.
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Stephen Confirmed Purchase

Dec 21, 2020

My wife and I needed our windows for our newly purchased home in New York to have storm windows installed as well as the possibility of replacing several windows due to the drafts of wind finding their way into our home. Consequently, we had a Contractor come to the home and measure all the windows and then waited for him to contact us regarding the price and time that it would take to install them. Days turned into weeks and we received no response from the Contractor even after leaving voicemail and text messages, all the while the weather was getting colder. That is when I decided to extensively search the internet and came across, "Windowinserts," and took note of all of the positive reviews. My wife and decided to only purchase two inserts to try which were not as expensive as having to replace a window or to purchase storm windows. I effortlessly installed them onto two of the most drafty windows in our three-floor home and much to our delight, they worked AMAZINGLY! The room temperature has never been as warm and the draft NO LONGER EXISTED! So, needless to say, we just purchased additional window inserts for six more windows! My wife and I HIGHLY recommend to those that are in need of their windows to be insulated to consider "Windowinserts."
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Sandra L Confirmed Purchase

Dec 19, 2020

The window inserts are fantastic,
I ordered for a screened in porch. Now I can use the space on days when it is not freezing. They were easy to insert & the owners were super helpful as we were unsure of our measurements & called several times with questions. I highly recommend them, they look great & very affordable. Thank you for this wonderful product, good quality & good looking!
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Irene E Confirmed Purchase

Dec 19, 2020

Thank you so much for our windowinserts we have used them in our porch screens and it has made a wonderful outdoor lounge to sit in during the winter months with sweaters and blankets.....we love them and it makes all the difference in our freezing Canadian winters.

Also thank you for your wonderful service and alleving my worries and concerns. [First time making a purchase from a nonbox store...
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Penny G Confirmed Purchase

Dec 17, 2020

These inserts are great! Immediate difference, thanks!
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Laurel O Confirmed Purchase

Dec 15, 2020

I received my window treatments on 12/8 and just got around to putting them in.

THEY ARE AMAZING! And I can already feel and see the difference drastically!
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S Powell Confirmed Purchase

Dec 7, 2020

I already have great thermopane windows with argon gas, etc, so it made no sense to get these inserts and possibly a waste of $$. I have no regrets. The heat feels more even throughout the house, and I don't worry I'm wasting energy when I punch up the thermostat another degree to be comfortable. This is the cheapest way to get the effect of triple pane glass. And they go in and come out so easily!
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Sharon H Confirmed Purchase

Dec 7, 2020

Got my Window Inserts today and already have them installed. Took me less than an hour to remove the screens and replace with my new window inserts! They fit perfectly!!!! I can already tell a difference in the temperature of the room. I am thrilled with my purchase. Thank you so much for offering this inexpensive option. I am very pleased with my purchase! Great job!

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday. I'll be working in greater comfort, since the inserts went into my home office.

Thanks again and Happy Holidays,
Sharon H
(A very pleased customer)
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Beth A Confirmed Purchase

Dec 4, 2020

In December of 2018 I ordered 9 Window Inserts for my old oak windows that were streaming cold air into my home. I waited two winters before leaving a performance review because I wanted to see how effective they were. I am amazed at the difference in energy savings & the warmth of my home. We recently had a wicked wind storm that downed trees and I was shocked that my Window Inserts were not blown out across the room! I love the fact that once installed, I barely even notice that they are there. I have very deep window sills and collect crackle glass, so I can arrange my collection on my window sills and encase them with the Window Inserts for a dust free display! One insert is over my kitchen sink, which gets splashed on occasion, but it is easy to wipe clean with a cotton cloth...just like new! I love these Window Inserts as they work well when using the central air conditioning, as well. The Window Inserts paid for themselves in just one winter of fuel savings. Absolutely amazing! I priced glass inserts and these, by far, are an economically wise choice! I highly recommend the Window Inserts and I only wish I bought them many years ago!
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Karen D Confirmed Purchase

Dec 3, 2020

I was having difficulty trying to measure windows for my living room in my apt for the inserts. I got a call from Jessica who was extremely helpful telling me how to do it based on my window configuration. I received the two inserts but one was not big enough. I made a mistake. Jessica called me and talked to me about it and said they would correct my error. I have never dealt with a company that was so helpful, patient and concerned as this team has been. They exemplify what customer service is all about! The inserts are great! I ordered inserts for my bedroom and they arrived! Made a tremendous difference in these draft apt windows! Great product-superb company.
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Catherine M Confirmed Purchase

Dec 1, 2020

WOW! I am THRILLED with the inserts. They arrived yesterday and were easily installed on my screen porch in a half hour. They are clear, don’t distort the view and keep my porch at least 10 degrees warmer and with a space heater, 20+ degrees warmer.
Everything about this transaction has been spot on. It is little wonder the reviews are all so positive. Thank you so much for your fine product and personal attention. This has been the best decision I’ve made lately.
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