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Carolyn S Confirmed Purchase

Feb 29, 2016

I am over the top happy with my Energy Saver window inserts!!!
They have solved the problem of trying to keep a mid-century modern house warm. It is essentially a glass aquarium with large single pane windows.
It was impossible to heat or cool and prohibitively expensive to replace the windows..
I happened on this site, read all the reviews and was impressed enough to order a sample window.
The quality was excellent, gave it a trial run and ordered windows for the whole house.
The ordering process was easy and help is only a phone call away. The windows arrived as promised and were well packed.
We made an error on measuring one window, called Customer Service last Thursday afternoon and got a call today (Monday) saying the replacement was shipping today and there would be no additional charge.
Customer Service is Superior.

Thanks to everyone at Window Inserts I am now warm and am looking forward to being cool come summer.
I know my energy expenses will be lower because my heating system is not running constantly.

Thanks again,

a very satisfied customer!
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DTW Confirmed Purchase

Feb 25, 2016

I live in North Dakota where winter temps reach -25 degrees or lower. I received the inserts about a week after they were ordered. The installation was simple. The inserts will not be noticed to the others that reside in your home.. Since I have only had the inserts about a month, it is too early to comment on energy savings, but it looks very promising.
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Richard C Confirmed Purchase

Feb 24, 2016

My 4 inserts just arrived and I installed one right now. they look practically invisible, they were packaged for shipping perfectly. I was sold by the durability video, amazing.
My windows were bought to be placed as outside storm windows on the basement windows of our 103 year old home here in Eastern Montana. Durability is a big factor, to eliminate broken windows from kids throwing rocks at our basement windows. It is a gamble on my part to see how clear the inserts stay after being exposed to the North side winds and snow. I hope they remain clear as this is a terrific answer to our situation.
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steve k Confirmed Purchase

Feb 19, 2016

the initial test windows that i ordered immediately eliminated the drafts from the windows that i covered. i went back to eric and jessica and ordered more for the whole house.
the product does do what the company says it will do. i live in the north east in a 1970's home. my windows have been very drafty.
i am only sorry that i did not learn about this product sooner i strongly suggest that this product be used in any home. the inserts look perfect and blend into the window. even my wife likes them
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Jane Confirmed Purchase

Feb 7, 2016

we have a 1920's home with original windows.the walls and attic are insulated very well but the house was still very drafty. we bought 18 inserts for the first and second floor. What a difference it has made. No draft at all, not even the draft that used to blow down the steps. I highly recommend this product. We live in south central Minnesota. Thank you Eric.!!!! you were great to work with!!
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John D. Confirmed Purchase

Feb 3, 2016

Those arrived and they are GREAT!!! VERY helpful for our air infiltration in our 1853 house.

Thanks for sending them! I wish I’d ordered them sooner and instead of the 5 x more expensive magnetic interior storm windows. The magnetic ones are excellent, but not sure they were worth that much more money.

Thanks again!
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Jason Confirmed Purchase

Jan 30, 2016

Bought and installed 10 inserts several months ago. I live in North Dakota where cold and wind is intense and these have helped greatly with draft from windows and heating bill.
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Donna Confirmed Purchase

Jan 28, 2016

I live in Northern Ontario, Canada and as I could not find a similar product in Canada, I decided to purchase inserts from Energysavr. I did a trial of 11 windows. Unbelievable product! -45 celcius and no drafts. House nice and warm. Excellent product. Received personal phone call as well. Customer service above and beyond. Thank you for making a great product
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Tom C Confirmed Purchase

Jan 26, 2016

In Nov. 2011 I purchased 4 inserts on a trial basis.
I wanted to see if they would perform as advertised. I promised Eric that if they did I would commit to using EnergySavr Window Inserts throughout my house.
4 years later each of my windows (and my skylights) have one of his inserts... and they continue to perform well above my expectations.
No more drafty house...
Excellent product, economical solution and superior service... yup, I whole heartedly recommend EnergySavr Window Inserts.
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Julia M Confirmed Purchase

Jan 19, 2016

I purchased these inserts without my husband's knowledge and this was the BEST money I ever spent. I have had the inserts in for only 3 days, put them in myself, and the difference in temperature near my huge bay windows , each 93 inches wide, is barely perceptible, I came home to a power outage, temps in the teens, and my house was still warm. I intend to purchase inserts for the rest of the windows in my home. Thanks for such a wonderful product!
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Tom M Confirmed Purchase

Jan 18, 2016

We installed the new unit about a month ago. It is performing exceptionally well. We have always experience a regular draft even after I installed an outside storm window for the winter.

The new window insert was a dream to install in just a few minutes and there hasn't been the slightest draft since it was installed.

Thank you for an outstanding product.
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Carol Confirmed Purchase

Jan 15, 2016

Better than sliced bread! I could see a big difference in my house even before I finished installing them. My heater usually runs all the time and now it runs much less. I'm telling all my friends. Thanks
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Dianne J Confirmed Purchase

Jan 6, 2016

I cannot express how highly we regard this company and their window inserts. The quality and quick service was great!!
We were concerned about the inserts not working because our windows have a lot of quarter round that might prevent a tight seal. After trying out one window we found the inserts still fit great! We ordered 11 more for the rest of our windows. They are so easy to install and made a difference right away!!! Can't express how great these are. We could not afford new windows and our heating and cooling bills were very high. The value is fantastic. We can check our energy usage online and have already seen a reduction. Be sure to measure carefully. We measured one window incorrectly and had to re-order. The customer service was far above what we even expected. They worked on getting us a replacement insert as quickly as possible and were very understanding about our mistake and didn't make us feel bad for not measuring correctly. Again we would highly recommend the company and the window inserts.
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ted b Confirmed Purchase

Jan 6, 2016

OK these guys are great. Just the best customer service I've experienced in a long time. He remembered everything about my order it was like he as right in my house and knew everything. In a era where what you have keeps breaking and you have to deal with so many faulty appliances and poor service it was a welcomed change. Thank you very much.
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Chris R Confirmed Purchase

Jan 6, 2016

I have a New Orleans home built in the 1920’s with wonderful large Cyprus wood framed windows. As with all raised houses in New Orleans, the house has shifted over time and the windows have become drafty. I ordered 2 windows inserts at first to make sure that it fit. I was happy to see that the original measurements worked for all of my windows despite some shifting. The inserts have made a major difference at making my house less drafty. It also helps with the insulation. I would recommend this product to anyone especially those who want to hold onto the original windows in the house.
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Darmon J. Confirmed Purchase

Jan 3, 2016

We were looking for way to cut down the drafts in our home and found this company on line. After speaking with representative we decided to give it a try. Ordering process was easy and was followed up with call from company to verify and also help make recommendations to reduce the cost to us. Product was delivered on time, they were very easy to install and look nice. They have not only cut down drafts but also reduce exterior noise. Would recommend you give them a try.
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Rebecca Confirmed Purchase

Dec 30, 2015

We are SO happy with our window inserts. We bought one to start with, just to see how we liked it. Then we ordered 7 more. The shipping was fast and the inserts fit perfectly in each window. They look great. I am looking forward to my next electric bill (something I thought I would never say).
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Sydney W Confirmed Purchase

Dec 26, 2015

Very pleased with our new window inserts—no more chipping ice off the steel window frames, no more pools of water on wood window sills, not to mention the dramatic drop in cold air coming off the windows.
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Gail G. Confirmed Purchase

Dec 11, 2015

I love these windows! The construction of these are solid and you can notice a difference as soon as you put them in.......thank you for a wonderful product that I will be using for years.
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Claire R

Dec 11, 2015

A note of thanks for shipping out a replacement window so quickly. We received it in great shape and it fits perfectly. I'm already telling my friends about your company!

I received my order of thirteen window inserts two weeks ago for my home in Asheville, NC. My home already feels less drafty. Great product!
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Ashley F. Confirmed Purchase

Dec 11, 2015

LOVE THESE INSERTS. We previously purchased much more expensive glass options that required tracks. Our home is almost 100 years old so the tracks required we build window frames around the storm windows- fail! These inserts were purchased for some of the few windows that we have managed to return to working order. They are awesome. The inserts are light weight and easy to put in and take out, despite our un-square window frames. Would recommend these to EVERYONE looking for interior storm windows.
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Bobby in Denver, Colorado Confirmed Purchase

Dec 10, 2015

From the get-go Eric was upfront, very helpful, and knowledgeable about taking measurements and the process of shipping out the window inserts. I'm the kind of person who would rather talk to somebody on the phone then fill out an online form, and they were very accommodating.
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Brian Confirmed Purchase

Dec 8, 2015

I received the window inserts today and have already installed them. Our home is in a historic section of Beacon Hill in Boston so we are restricted as to what we can install. These window inserts cannot be seen at all and have really cut down on the drafts through the old window sash. I would recommend this product.
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Mike M Confirmed Purchase

Dec 6, 2015

We have been a customer of window inserts for several years now, and have been very satisfied with inserts. They have helped with maintaining drafts and controlling condensation on the windows. The team at windows insert have been very helpful with making sure the orders are completed correctly and that the inserts fit properly to the point you won't noticed the inserts are in place. We recommend the windows inserts and will continue the use the product.
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Kathy S. Confirmed Purchase

Dec 4, 2015

Our order arrived on 12/1 and we are extremely satisfied with this purchase. I can stand in front of our windows and not feel a draft! These inserts are for a brand new house but air would still travel up the sides of the windows especially on windy days. Today is a very windy and cold day and a great test for these inserts and they pass with flying colors.
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