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John and Ann Aultman Confirmed Purchase

Oct 21, 2019

We ordered some inserts last year to try them out, they are great. We are ordering more this year, doing a room at a time and it makes a noticeable difference in the warmth and also reduces fuel costs.
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Brenda & Steve M Confirmed Purchase

Oct 10, 2019

We just want to say a huge THANK YOU for your service. We ordered window inserts from you over this summer and are very happy so far with the product. It has not been real cold yet but the inserts seem to be doing what they are supposed to. Thank you again for your help putting together this order for us.
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Tara L Confirmed Purchase

Oct 10, 2019

I just received my order and popped them into the windows! They are all perfect and I feel warmer already! Thank you so much for calling me to clarify the split order. I appreciate your product and your customer service!

Will definitely be ordering again.
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Kathryn H Confirmed Purchase

Oct 4, 2019

You guys are fantastic. We are so happy with the inserts and your service. These are amazing and I would highly - and have already highly - recommend them to everyone!
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Katy F Confirmed Purchase

Sep 26, 2019

I ordered 4 of them about two weeks ago and got them in yesterday and they are amazing! I noticed a difference almost immediately! I plan on ordering 14 more tonight.
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Greg Confirmed Purchase

Aug 2, 2019

I purchased in 2014 for my condo. The window inserts help in winter and summer. I consider these a great investment. They are 5 year old now, still function well.
Easy in, easy out as needed. I worked with Eric. He was great. These are MUCH LESS HASSLE than hair dryers/seasonal window kits. If you're skeptical, take a leap of faith. I see 224 positive reviews. That's gotta mean something. Than you Eric and Window inserts.
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Mike & Dee Confirmed Purchase

Jul 14, 2019

We recently purchased and received our Window Inserts from Energy Savr and they are one of the best investments we have made in our home. We originally ordered 6 of them for our kitchen which we received in February of 2019. They immediately showed such an improvement in preventing heat loss and draft incursions that we decided to outfit every window in the home. The home was built in 1900 and almost all of the exterior storm windows were missing. Turns out, that was a good thing!

We ordered another 36 window inserts and they arrived about 2 weeks after ordering. The ordering process is a breeze, there is a form available to download that will let you create names/numbers for your windows which will be important if you have as many as we did. Measuring is simple but make sure you take into account windows that are older and maybe out of square. The inserts are very forgiving as due to the weather stripping all around the frame your measurement can be off a little ( no more than 1/8 - 1/4") and still fit snug.

For larger windows we "split them" in the middle, ours were 27 3/4 x 64/14. This allows for easier transit and less likely to receive any damage in shipping. The inserts are shipped very, very well and we had no damage to any of the windows, over 50 pieces! It's easy as pie to place them in using the track piece and again the fit is snug. Immediately it was much quieter in the house, less bugs getting in through the old windows and the house stays amazingly cool now in the middle of summer!

The inserts are all but invisible, they are absolutely easy to place and remove. We do not have central air but use 3 window air conditioners. I simply ordered 2 inserts each for those 3 windows. 1 of those are full size for the winter to completely seal the window and the other 1 is measured to fit down to the AC unit to create a sealed window with the AC in.

Here is the final and last comment about doing business with Window Inserts. We had 1 window that I mis-measured and when I emailed them I had a quick response. They shipped me a new window at no charge without even questioning it. They knew it was my issue, not theirs but still stepped up and offered customer service that is more rare than common today. I had the pleasure of dealing with Jessica. She always responded promptly to my questions and was a complete professional. I know a lot of folks will still be on the fence about this product but I can say 1000% I am impressed with this product AND company and I will recommend them to everyone I know that may be looking to improve their home! Thank you Window Inserts, thank you Jessica and Eric!! We love your product and we love the way you treat your customers!!!!!!!

Mike & Dee from Silver Creek NY
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Leila S Confirmed Purchase

Jun 30, 2019

Great company and great service. I sent my 11 window sizes in on Tuesday, talked to Eric and they arrived on Saturday. I put all 11 inserts in in an hour.
Will highly recommend them. Thanks guys.
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Cliff Confirmed Purchase

May 16, 2019

Everything about this order was both easy and fun! Eric gave me confidence in the company, so we ordered 14 inserts to fit a home that is about 90 years old. The windows are all quite loose and rattle and are breezy and inefficient. All 14 fit perfectly and all of a sudden the home felt solid, tight and efficient! Easy as pie to install. Thanks again folks. Cliff from Galveston
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Doug D Confirmed Purchase

Apr 16, 2019

These window inserts are great. They really block cold drafts and also provide extra insulation. I live in a 100-year old colonial revival house in New Hampshire. A few of the windows are a very old style hinged windows, so I put the inserts between the window and the outer storm window; this worked great. I have installed a total of 20 inserts throughout the house. These inserts cut down on my heating oil usage. They look great and they really work.
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Jay in Maine Confirmed Purchase

Apr 10, 2019

I bought my first batch of inserts in 2007; I have a c. 1790 cape in Maine, and I needed to stop drafts around and protect my ancient sashes from moisture. I did an addition in 2009 and bought more. I love this product! They are of high quality, are easy to handle and store, and absolutely work as advertised. I am now replacing foam on some of them, and I'm reminded of how helpful Eric was and is and feel compelled to comment again on the great product and customer service. Also, although most of my inserts are over 13 years old now, all are in perfect shape; they are as solid, clear and serviceable as the day I received them from Energy Savr. Thank you Eric and everyone else there at the company!
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Beth A Confirmed Purchase

Mar 8, 2019

Everyone has commented on how much warmer my house has been this winter, without even realizing or noticing my new interior window inserts because they are almost invisible. I have deep window sills, so I am able to display a collection of colored glass on the window sill, behind the window insert. Even I sometimes reach for objects and hit the insert ....they are that invisible!! I have actually begun to experience the financial gain from using less heating oil to also saving on electricity because my furnace and blower are not constantly cycling! Just amazing instant results!

I would like to thank you so very much for a couple of reasons. The first being that you provide a great quality interior window insert product that is so simple to use while providing instant results. Secondly, your customer service is spectacular and second to none. With a great quality product and superb customer service, it has been such a pleasure doing business with you.
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Christine W Confirmed Purchase

Feb 24, 2019

These inserts are amazing. And the price was very affordable. Today we have 39mph winds with snowing blowing sideways and no drafts inside anymore. I can highly recommend!! The staff and sales people were great to work with; responsive, friendly and knowledgeable. I had measured one window wrong and they sent a corrected one to me at no charge! I wish every company was this great to work with and offered such an excellent product worth every penny.
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Mike Confirmed Purchase

Feb 21, 2019

Order to delivery within 2 weeks. Great packing job. I installed 8 inserts in minutes. Great fit and immediate results in warmth and quiet. Exactly as advertised and now I just need to order more for the rest of our windows. I'll wait to do that with the cost savings I'm sure that I'll see from the ones I just installed. Good work guys and gals! You deserve success! Thank you.
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Joe C Confirmed Purchase

Feb 18, 2019

I just wanted to take a few minutes and thank you. I’m not exactly the easiest person to please but you guys did an awesome job. From ordering, to shipping and receiving the inserts, it took 11 days to get them which I think is great. We live in upstate NY and Sunday morning it was 6 degrees out at 7:30 am. Normally I have to load our outdoor wood boiler after 12 hours especially being that cold. I loaded it at 4:30 Saturday afternoon and 7:30 the next morning there was still plenty of wood in the stove and I was beyond shocked. We have noticed a huge difference in wood consumption in just the few days we’ve had them so far. The quality of work is fantastic and the attention to detail is nice to see. You make a great product and the quality speaks for itself. On behalf of myself and my family thank you very much. I have passed on the great experience we had to others that I work with so I am hoping they send some work your way. Again, thank you.
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George W Confirmed Purchase

Feb 11, 2019

I ordered WindowInserts for our museum. The building is a 108 year old single family home that has been converted to our County Historical Museum. We put the WindowInserts on 17 windows, some very large. They fit beautifully. The first month that we can record showed a 30% drop in our heating and electrical bills.The building is very tight and draft free. We are in Michigan where every little bit of help to seal a old building is welcomed.
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Elizabeth W Confirmed Purchase

Feb 11, 2019

Very happy and warmer after installing ten inserts where most needed.
Gas boiler is now operating more efficiently. Because drafts are blocked and heat is contained inside the house the boiler is not constantly running.
Tip, save shipping box and cardboard separators to store inserts if removing in the summer.
Was pleasantly surprised at the quick turnaround time to receive the inserts after ordering. Highly recommended.
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Darlene S Confirmed Purchase

Feb 9, 2019

We just received our 6 kitchen window inserts and they look fantastic, fit perfectly and absolutely have stopped all of the cold draft coming in through the windows. The ordering process was easy, they kept us notified of our order status and they shipped and arrived quickly and very well packaged. We have a 119 year old home we just purchased and decided to try these out before purchasing window inserts for the entire home. I have to be honest, we were skeptical about the claims but not any longer. We had a winter storm after placing these inserts, the temp was 17 and the winds were gusting at 60mph. I can't think of more extreme conditions to try these out in and not a single kitchen drape was moving from drafts coming in and they are remarkably clear. We will be outfitting the rest of the home, 40+ windows! but this is way less expensive than new custom windows plus we can retain and enjoy the beauty of the original windows and woodwork. I cannot recommend highly enough!!!!
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Robin R Confirmed Purchase

Jan 30, 2019

Received my order yesterday, just before the -21 degree weather. I am so impressed with these. The house is so much more comfortable. These are nice looking, fairly inexpensive, and exceeded my expectations on cutting winter chill. What a great product! Thank you
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Chuck Confirmed Purchase

Jan 30, 2019

Window inserts was a pleasure to work with.
They addressed all our concerns and did what ever they could to make sure we were happy with our order.
The conversations with their staff was always pleasant.
Great company to do business with.
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Marc S Confirmed Purchase

Jan 14, 2019

I just got my replacement inserts.

I want to tell you that your company has incredible customer service. I have enjoyed every facet of this experience.

I have a smart thermostat in my bedroom that I can use to track furnace run time. The first night I installed the inserts, it was 10 degrees cooler than the night before, but the furnace ran half as often.

I will encourage everyone I know to try your product.
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Barbara R Confirmed Purchase

Jan 12, 2019

The window inserts are fantastic, we love them.. since they arrived about Thanksgiving and then Christmas.. I did not have time to tell you about how we love them!!!
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Dan S Confirmed Purchase

Jan 11, 2019

I wanna say, your product is amazing, i have 4 windows and ordered for two windows, what a difference, i am gonna be ordering for the last two windows soon, i live in a condo and we all have the same windows and have the same issues with the cheap windows. I have all my neighbors over and love them, they are also gonna order, i feel like a salesmen. Its an awesome product. Thank you
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Silvia Confirmed Purchase

Jan 7, 2019

I originally purchased 10 of these windows for the worst ones in my 1890's built house in Connecticut. First off, customer service was excellent, I called multiple times just to make sure I had the measurements correct and their people are great. Super helpful and they were able to figure out one thing which was causing me to have different measurements for every window. The first 10 arrived and made a HUGE difference in how comfortable my home is. The following month, I bought 10 more. We are currently spending about 1/2 as much money as we were on oil, keeping the house warmer by several degrees, and keeping doors open between rooms on the 1st floor which makes a huge difference our living space. At the holidays our guests noticed our house is much more comfortable than it has been previously. I've just purchased 7 more for the second floor and I can't wait for them to arrive. This is a great company with a great product. If you have questions, CALL! They are happy to help.
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C. W. Confirmed Purchase

Dec 22, 2018

The inserts we ordered just on the 18th have arrived and are now installed. They fit perfectly, and they look even better than expected. The house already feels warmer and quieter. Thank you for your incredibly fast turnaround, fantastic product and careful shipping -- what a great experience!
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