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S Powell Confirmed Purchase

Dec 7, 2020

I already have great thermopane windows with argon gas, etc, so it made no sense to get these inserts and possibly a waste of $$. I have no regrets. The heat feels more even throughout the house, and I don't worry I'm wasting energy when I punch up the thermostat another degree to be comfortable. This is the cheapest way to get the effect of triple pane glass. And they go in and come out so easily!
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Sharon H Confirmed Purchase

Dec 7, 2020

Got my Window Inserts today and already have them installed. Took me less than an hour to remove the screens and replace with my new window inserts! They fit perfectly!!!! I can already tell a difference in the temperature of the room. I am thrilled with my purchase. Thank you so much for offering this inexpensive option. I am very pleased with my purchase! Great job!

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday. I'll be working in greater comfort, since the inserts went into my home office.

Thanks again and Happy Holidays,
Sharon H
(A very pleased customer)
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Beth A Confirmed Purchase

Dec 4, 2020

In December of 2018 I ordered 9 Window Inserts for my old oak windows that were streaming cold air into my home. I waited two winters before leaving a performance review because I wanted to see how effective they were. I am amazed at the difference in energy savings & the warmth of my home. We recently had a wicked wind storm that downed trees and I was shocked that my Window Inserts were not blown out across the room! I love the fact that once installed, I barely even notice that they are there. I have very deep window sills and collect crackle glass, so I can arrange my collection on my window sills and encase them with the Window Inserts for a dust free display! One insert is over my kitchen sink, which gets splashed on occasion, but it is easy to wipe clean with a cotton cloth...just like new! I love these Window Inserts as they work well when using the central air conditioning, as well. The Window Inserts paid for themselves in just one winter of fuel savings. Absolutely amazing! I priced glass inserts and these, by far, are an economically wise choice! I highly recommend the Window Inserts and I only wish I bought them many years ago!
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Karen D Confirmed Purchase

Dec 3, 2020

I was having difficulty trying to measure windows for my living room in my apt for the inserts. I got a call from Jessica who was extremely helpful telling me how to do it based on my window configuration. I received the two inserts but one was not big enough. I made a mistake. Jessica called me and talked to me about it and said they would correct my error. I have never dealt with a company that was so helpful, patient and concerned as this team has been. They exemplify what customer service is all about! The inserts are great! I ordered inserts for my bedroom and they arrived! Made a tremendous difference in these draft apt windows! Great product-superb company.
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Catherine M Confirmed Purchase

Dec 1, 2020

WOW! I am THRILLED with the inserts. They arrived yesterday and were easily installed on my screen porch in a half hour. They are clear, don’t distort the view and keep my porch at least 10 degrees warmer and with a space heater, 20+ degrees warmer.
Everything about this transaction has been spot on. It is little wonder the reviews are all so positive. Thank you so much for your fine product and personal attention. This has been the best decision I’ve made lately.
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Mark W Confirmed Purchase

Nov 29, 2020

Have inserts in all my windows, can tell the difference already. I changed my furnace filters so I should know on my next utility bill if there is a big difference. Will post again towards the end of December.
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Grace H. Confirmed Purchase

Nov 21, 2020

Love these window inserts!! We live on a mountain ridge with winds up to 80 mph in winter. These inserts have helped keep our house warmer by eliminating drafts and keeping out the cold. I purchased 6 window inserts 2 years ago, then another 6 more and a door insert this year. Quality product and reasonable pricing. The staff are also very helpful and friendly. Thank you, Window Inserts. No more putting up plastic film!
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Gerry B Confirmed Purchase

Nov 21, 2020

I ordered 4 custom window inserts of all slightly different sizes due to living in an older house. The inserts were received in on time and perfectly wrapped to prevent any damage. All the inserts were numbered 1 through 4 as prescribed and fit perfectly! I cannot even tell that they are in because they are so clear and fit so nicely. Also, and just as important, I can already feel the difference in the room temperature. I would highly recommend WindowInserts and would definitely order from them again.

Thanks You!
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M. W. Confirmed Purchase

Nov 13, 2020

This might be a premature comment, but my wife and I noticed the difference immediately. Place the inserts in the whole house easy to install. Will update in a few months
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Diane Confirmed Purchase

Nov 13, 2020

The window inserts are very good quality, sized perfectly, and look great. I called the company with a couple questions and they were wonderful to deal with. One of the owners, Eric, went above and beyond my expectations to help me. I highly Recommend this company and their products.
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Cindy S Confirmed Purchase

Nov 3, 2020

We purchased split Window inserts for our 5- 5x4, 1-4x3 windows. Since our windows are so large, I was unsure if I ordered 1 large panel, or the split as was explained on their website. I emailed the customer service to ask this question, and they called me back to go over my order. She was very informative, said its easier to ship the split inserts, then the large and with the middle trim, it fits tight like its one solid piece. Our windows are sliders and where they split, slide, they had quite a bit of heat/cool air loss. These inserts closed off that gap, and the center brought the 2 inserts together like its one whole piece. We are very satisfied and they arrived just in time, before we had 50 mph cold ND winds.

We have blinds on our windows, so had to get creative to get them behind and push up at the same time(definately 2 person job if you have large windows like ours, just take your time, very doable. When I installed the blinds, I left about 2" space from the glass, with hopes we would find some kind of interior storm windows. Last year our heating costs were bad, and the chill by the windows was always drafty in our rooms.
We also looked at other competitors, they were so expensive would have cost $500/per window and that didn't even include shipping. Were so glad I found this site, when I had looked before I had never seen this company.

We wanted to share a review, as we are 100% happy with our purchase, their customer service was excellent, the quality of the insert is clear, product came very well packed and we received them very quickly. They also make our windows look very nice and they aren't bulky, they just fit so nice in our window frame.

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Wells M Confirmed Purchase

Oct 26, 2020

I recently ordered inserts for every other window in my home for this winter and they all arrived and fit great with the exception of one window.

The main reason for this review is: when I called and spoke to Eric to report the issue, he was extremely helpful and easy to deal with and said he'd take care of the error and send out a replacement insert asap. This kind of customer service is unusual today and I really appreciate it.

Overall I am extremely pleased with the look/quality/function of these inserts and will highly recommend to anyone with inefficient windows instead of full replacement. Another side benefit is my aluminum frame windows were not very attractive and these inserts really make them look so much better and cleaner from the inside in plan to leave them in all year. Thanks for the help Eric!
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Gabe G Confirmed Purchase

Oct 19, 2020

We have been searching for a product to enclose our screen in porch for our lake front cottage for several months. We did not want to compromise our view or the open air feel we get in the summers. I have to admit when I came across the product during our research I was a bit skeptical. We have 19 openings on our porch and all fit perfectly. We installed these over the weekend and they look amazing! From the inside, you can barely tell the inserts are in place. The temp dropped that evening in to the 40s and we were able to still sit comfortably on the porch with just a small heater. This product is outstanding and I would highly recommend these. The order process, lead time and shipping were all excellent as well!
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Thom and Jeanine Confirmed Purchase

Oct 16, 2020

We finally got around to installing the inserts, and I gotta say, as advertised. We started with the biggest ones and with some adjustments to the brackets for the shades, your product works great. Really easy to install, look great and we can already feel the difference. The smaller second floor inserts were, of course, even easier, and only had to move brackets on the first set. Everything else went smooth as could be. Thank you, great job and we would gladly recommend you.
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Angie C Confirmed Purchase

Oct 4, 2020

I received my nine window inserts on Tuesday. Installing them was easy. The larger windows were a bit snug, but I followed the instructions that came inside the box and started at the top, then pushed the side edges as I went down. On my coldest window, I pulled back on the frame gently to set the insert further back from the window, creating a dead air space for better insulation. That worked well.

It took me only 30 minutes to install them yesterday afternoon. Then I didn't give it much thought until last night, when I stepped outside and noticed it was 48 degrees outside. It was still 72 in the house without the furnace being on, so I hadn't even noticed that it had gotten colder outside.

This morning there was a chill in the house because the temp had dropped another 10 degrees overnight, so I turned on the furnace.

I use to feel cold air coming from all those large windows when the heat was on. But with the inserts in place, the heat fills the whole room and there is no draft. When I walk past a window, there is no longer a temperature difference. This is going to work out nicely.

Tonight I'm having another warm and cozy evening. It appears that the house is now holding the warmer daytime temperature later into the night. I left my furnace on, but it hasn't kicked in yet and it's now 46 degrees outside. These inserts are exactly what you said they'd be. That almost never happens these day. I'm loving this!

Thank you so much.

North Billerica, Massachusetts
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Robert C Confirmed Purchase

Sep 25, 2020

We just received our window inserts and I installed them all already and we are tickled pink with them. Fantastic job. Everything worked out nice and snug and we are going to order more in the future. So I give these a five star. Thank you very much.

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Robert E Confirmed Purchase

May 25, 2020

I took a chance on these plastic inserts since other glass inserts were about $ 250+ per window. Purchased 15 units in the fall for about $ 950. Got a $ 150 rebate from Efficiency Vermont. We notice a major warmth difference in the house through out the cold Vermont winter. I carefully tracked heating fuel oil usage and found that we burned an average of 1.6 gallons LESS per day! We saved about $ 130 per month in fuel cost. I used three past years of usage to determine the average fuel usage. The plastic element used instead of glass is very tough and no one even noticed it wasn't glass. Each unit installed easily with not need for hardware. This spring they came out very easily. A paint can opener works very well for this purpose. One other thing was a noticeable reduction of noise from outside. I have recommended these to many friends.
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Randy Confirmed Purchase

Apr 25, 2020

I received and installed inserts yesterday.
Yes. The company is easy to work with, and the order to delivery time was good.

Yes. The inserts are easier to install than get out of the box. If your measurements are good, so also is the fit. I chuckled while installing them. It was fun.

Yes. The inserts are aesthetically pleasing (though there is some additional reflection happening). My interior designer would give them two thumbs up since they do not detract from the overall aesthetic impact of the cottage.

Since it is late April, I cannot report noticeable changes, but I am optimistic based on design and fit. Most reviews here speak to greater comfort during cold weather. I look forward to that, but my priority is to improve the efficiency of my AC during the worst of our SE TN summers. Historic, single-pane windows admit both cold and heat. Great results might bring a followup review this Fall.
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Betty G Confirmed Purchase

Apr 20, 2020

I have wanted to tell you for some time how pleased I am with them. When I got them I had them put into the openings and since it was inside of the screen I had them stripped on each vertical side with quarter round, Because we are subject to high winds in South MISSISSIPPI - did not them blown out. They fit tight and look like glass windows. They also help with temperature control- a small window AC unit and fans {both ceiling and floor fans} keeps it comfortable in summer and two portable room heaters in winter and keep the ever- present humidity out. I just love my room. It has become my art studio where I teach and my get-a-way. It has been 3 years and all is still great. Thank You for making this product. Enjoyed working with Eric and Scott . Would gladly recommend them.
Betty G in Picayune, MS {just 60 mi north of New Orleans, LA}
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Sara H Confirmed Purchase

Mar 25, 2020

We own a 105 year old house and replacing all the single pane, hand blown glass windows was beyond expensive. These inserts are wonderful! Both warming and quieting the house has been a real gift. The company is so responsive and kind, such nice people to deal with, we definitely recommend them!
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Marcela W Confirmed Purchase

Mar 16, 2020

I wanted to let you know how perfect the two inserts are that I got for my really cheap and inefficient single-paned basement windows. I wanted to replace the windows but when I got a quote for $600 each, I said screw that. My husband also said screw that, but he didn't say screw. He said a much harsher word. Anyway, the inserts you sent fit PERFECTLY and they are definitely cutting a big chunk of draft from getting in. Easy to install.
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Renee H Confirmed Purchase

Feb 10, 2020

I love these, I had to keep my blinds down for added warmth after getting the inserts I can now put my blinds up again, and my house is warmer and stays that way longer thank you very much. Really easy to put up too
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Linette B Confirmed Purchase

Feb 5, 2020

I ordered 6 window inserts and was very pleased with them. They did a very good job of packing them so they arrived undamaged. They were very easy to install, look nice and are well made. I did have a problem, but it was an error on my part. One of my inserts did not fit because I measured it wrong. I contacted Window Inserts and asked them how to handle this and asked for info on getting a replacement and what the cost would be. To my surprise I received an e-mail stating that my insert was being shipped. It arrived and fit perfectly, I wasn't charged for the replacement. Its hard to believe a company would do this. Kudos to Window Inserts. Needless to say, I have been telling people about what a great company they are and have been asked how to contact them. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone.
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J B Confirmed Purchase

Jan 30, 2020

Found this great company online. I needed a large "window insert" to insulate a glass block window. The online ordering was flawless and easy. Due to the large size, the company called me to discuss my options. In short, they guided me to the best possible solution. The window arrived and the look and fit were perfect. In today's world of online everything, it was sure a pleasure speaking with this customer service department!
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Carol- NJ Confirmed Purchase

Jan 28, 2020

This product was recommended on an old home FB group. I gave it a try and ordered 2 windows to test. The results are fantastic! Super easy to install and inexpensive. I am going to order more. Well worth the money.
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