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Mark A Confirmed Purchase

Jun 10, 2024

I bought inserts for eight large panel screens for our three season porch. They had to make them in two pieces per panel due to the large sizes. They came very well packaged and I'll save the box they came in for storage when we take them out. They fit perfectly snug and will keep the snow, rain and dust out. Very nice product, and a great price.
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Eve N Confirmed Purchase

May 15, 2024

Easy, Efficient, Effective - is a Winner!

I'm absolutely thrilled with my experience with! From the very beginning, the entire process was smooth and stress-free. All I had to do was take some measurements (their customer service was fantastic and helped answer any questions I had!), and within 10 days, my custom window inserts arrived at my doorstep!

The turnaround time was incredibly impressive, but it doesn't even compare to the amazing quality of the inserts themselves. They fit perfectly in my windows, creating a noticeable difference in the comfort of my home, without affecting the beauty of it. I can already feel a draft-free environment, and I'm excited to see the impact on my energy bills!
I can rest more easily knowing I'm ready for the next brutal Ohio winter.

If you're looking for a way to improve your home's insulation and comfort, look no further than Their custom-made inserts are the perfect solution, and their customer service is top-notch. Highly recommend - 5 out of 5 stars!
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Olu Confirmed Purchase

Mar 19, 2024


I have a room in my rental property with no heat, 3 windows and a balcony door, the temperature was equivalent to being outside. This room has been unlivable for the 15 years that I have owned this house until Window Inserts. These inserts are more effective than I could have ever imagined at keeping the cold outside where it belongs. If you are dealing with super drafty windows, I promise you, you have found your solution. This is a stellar product and hands down the best customer experience I have had in ages. If you purchase this product you will be writing your own gleaming reviews soon enough!

When I found Window Inserts (WI), I had already been in communication with Indow for months but was hesitant to commit because I was unhappy with the customer service as well as the expense. WI charged a fraction of what Indow charged which made me skeptical as to the quality of their products and set my expectations low. To say that they were exceeded is an understatement.

The quality of their customer service is a dying trend in American consumerism that should not be taken for granted. A representative of their company called me to go over my order once placed. Not knowing I already looked into the competition, he made it clear that if I sought certain features Indow would be a “better fit,” pardon the pun! Luckily I did not, I was only interested in thermal insulation which is WI’s specialty. I should note that despite numerous conversations over months, Indow did not afford me the same consideration of alerting me that there was a better and significantly more affordable option for this issue. To be fair, few companies would have and this is what sets WI apart. WI cares enough about their customer’s experience to set them on the right path to the best solution. They have confidence in their products and take tremendous pride in its purpose of helping households nationwide. While I was thrilled with my purchase, one of my windows was incredibly crooked so the insert sent did not work. Though WI was not at all responsible they worked with me to create a perfect new insert and provided it heavily discounted. They are truly dedicated to seeing you through to your solution.

Besides the outstanding customer service, their product is AMAZING. It feels like magic! The temperature has improved so significantly that it isn’t even necessary to run a space heater at all times in the winter! I truly never thought I would see the day!!! To say that this was worth the investment and risk of trying would be another understatement. My mind is blown and I am so grateful to this company for everything!
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Derek M Confirmed Purchase

Mar 18, 2024

I ordered these for my home which has been in our family since it was built in 1968. The windows are original and they are aluminum. At this point in time replacing them would be a real hassle and my mother likes the way the house looks as is. I ordered 12 inserts and even have them on basement windows. I am so happy with them.
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Douglas G Confirmed Purchase

Mar 8, 2024

I'm really glad I found these windows. I use them as standalone windows on a screened porch, a little different than they were designed. They work great. They have held up to the elements year after year, including in Midwestern winters, I was able to custom order them for size and they're so much easier to handle than glass windows. At the same time, the materials are of high quality and they have never looked cheap or plasticky. Plus they were hundreds if not thousands of dollars less than comparable window options. I've had compliments from friends and even contractors who have seen them and wanted to know what I used.
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Michael S Confirmed Purchase

Mar 7, 2024

Hey Eric, thanks for your help and getting my order for my window inserts. I have received my inserts and installed them.

They've been in about three weeks or so and here's my "evaluation"

First, a couple of comments.

I've been looking at this type of storm window for our 1886 historic home in Wake Forest NC. The original windows are still in pretty good shape and are an architectural element that we would never replace with "new" windows. Replacing the windows with something new and more efficient, if done properly, would "ruin" the originality and the cost would exceed the higher electric and gas bills caused by a drafty home.
Also it's worth mentioning that I am a very experienced contractor, and do 90% of the work on my home.

My windows are surprisingly "square" and consistent in size with a reasonable amount of variance.

Installation of the insert windows was quick and easy, without need for any instructions, because of the height of our ceilings, and windows I opted for a two piece window insert.
During the winter months and certainly on windy days, or old house is drafty and when the temps drop below freezing, the house has been "chilly" and somewhat uncomfortable.
After installing the window inserts the rooms instantly felt better, less drafty- friends and our house cleaner mentioned it before we told them we had installed these windows.
It's noticeable. I can't say if it will "pay for itself" but even if it's a few hundred dollars a year they're worth it.

If anyone is ever in doubt about how they look, how easy they are to pop in, or if the are, in fact and improvement, have them call me.

As soon as I can measure the upstairs windows, you'll get another order

Thank You,
Michael S
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Judy R Confirmed Purchase

Mar 4, 2024

Hi there,

Just letting you know that so far this winter we're saving about $100/month on our gas bill from the same months a year ago (December, January - haven't gotten February bill yet). My husband was a naysayer - not any more!

We have a new home in the CO mountains (you know where we are) at 8600 feet that we leave in the winter months, setting the thermostat on 55 when we leave, so the conditions are the same without much usage variance. In fact, the weather app tells me that on average our temps are 2 degrees warmer this year than last.... Amazing that even on a new build, with double pane, high altitude windows we had so much heat loss.

So - thank you for what you do!
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Randy G Confirmed Purchase

Mar 2, 2024

We received our window inserts today. The packaging was perfect. The inserts were numbered correctly. The first one was installed in a matter of seconds and the others immediately after. We ordered enough for our bedroom and bathroom. I look forward to seeing if they help with the drafts. So far the measuring, ordering, and installation has gone well.
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Robin Confirmed Purchase

Feb 20, 2024

I bought them for my 1940 Craftsman with it's original windows. I can't replace the windows due to required specs for being in a historically designated neighborhood are too cost prohibitive. The original single panes are in ok shape but they still leak. So I figured what the heck, I caught a good sale price and bought enough for every window. The process was easy and their customer service was fantastic. We talked about the type of insert I was ordering and the problems I was trying to fix.

One thing to remember, if you have blinds or shades in your windows, the inserts will have to go behind the shade or blind. So when you take your measurement you have to measure in the space behind the blinds are shades. In my case I didn't have enough space to make sure there was a one inch barrier between the window pane and the insert and still have the blind inside the frame. So, I chose to remove the blinds and replace them with curtains.
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Arlo A Confirmed Purchase

Feb 14, 2024

Good Afternoon
Just wanted to follow up on your outstanding window inserts.
We weren't worried about noise abatement, but it does cut it down some.
The drafts coming in our old windows are gone, which has helped cut back on the dust inside. What we were most interested in was the “R” value of our windows and that has improved dramatically.

Our monthly electric bill is down roughly a third of what it was, on average, and even more during the extreme temp periods of Dec. Jan. and July Aug.
Also very easy to remove when we want to open a window and goes right back in when we want them reinstalled.

Great product.

Thanks again.
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Robert H Confirmed Purchase

Jan 26, 2024

Inserts work great. Fit perfectly and stopped the drafts. Great solution when replacing windows aren't an option.
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DKB Confirmed Purchase

Jan 22, 2024

Was a little wary about spending the money because we live in an apartment, but we use oil & it was costing us so much we didn't turn on the heating for one winter and just stuck with electric space heaters and electric blankets... This winter, we've been able to turn on the baseboard oil heating and we're AT LEAST saving $900/mo on our heating bill. Will be buying more to finish insulating the windows in the basement also. Plus, before the items shipped, they actually called to talk about the details of how I filled out the orders, and we changed things around based on their opinion to save shipping and be more efficient with number of splits - feels like they actually care about providing a quality experience and product.
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Diane B Confirmed Purchase

Jan 16, 2024

Could NOT be more pleased!! Can't quite believe how perfect the inserts are for this cabin (should have had them years ago), and every aspect of the order process deserves an A+ rating.
Thank you so much. You've got a great business and I hope to order more inserts for the rest of the windows soon.

For years I was not able to open the heavier curtain and enjoy the outdoors because as hard as I tried and as much money as I spent every fall on various window sealing products, I was never able to stop all the leaks, some because the bitter cold caused them to loosen.

I will have a much easier time getting through the winters and these will pay for themselves. Can't quite believe how great they are, and easy to install.
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Bryan C Confirmed Purchase

Jan 9, 2024

I received my order this morning I am very happy with your product they fit perfect in the 4 windows and will prevent heat lost and pay for them self. thank for a good product much better than taping up plastic.

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Steve & Maryann Confirmed Purchase

Jan 3, 2024

We ordered and installed our window inserts a couple months ago and we so pleased with them! They fit perfectly and we are amazed by how much of a difference they are make. No more drafts, the area by the windows are much warmer, and they even make it quieter. You can't beat these inserts! They look great, too! Very, very happy with them!
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Michelle D Confirmed Purchase

Dec 29, 2023

Good evening. Received 4 window inserts. Packaged really well. Installed already and love. I will let you know if anything different after winter. Happy new year.

New York
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Carol C Confirmed Purchase

Dec 21, 2023

I wanted to thank you for the 5 panels. Every one was a perfect fit. It made me think how unusual it is in today's age to have anything be done exactly right, ever, instead of always messed up in some way but you're expected to be happy with it nevertheless. Either a lot of people don't care, or they just don't know the difference. These are beautiful, and there were a lot of ways a product like this could have gone wrong. Thank you so much.

San Antonio, TX
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Manfred S Confirmed Purchase

Dec 19, 2023

Thank you. Perfect fit Windows are in and look so professional. I recommend you any time. Well done!
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John G Confirmed Purchase

Dec 8, 2023

I just got my inserts for my 9 window house and I have to say, They are fantastic!!!
I have recommended you guys to everybody at my place of work!
Fit is awesome, house is warmer here in Wisconsin, Kudos to your workers who manufactured then, and thank you Eric!
Buy them you won't be unhappy!
Again thank you!!!!
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John D Confirmed Purchase

Dec 6, 2023

The inserts arrived and I have installed them. The product is outstanding and represents a good value. I will give it a bit to see what they actually add to the situation as far as cutting down on air infiltration heat loss ect., and hopefully will start the process of having all windows done.
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Jenn C Confirmed Purchase

Nov 30, 2023

Good afternoon! We received all our inserts and got them installed last night. Thank you again, we already felt a difference in the temperature of the room within minutes of them going in! Your company does amazing work, and thanks so much for the replacement for the dented one, We will keep it as backup.
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Trina S Confirmed Purchase

Nov 30, 2023

We just got our window inserts from you. Owning a 120 year old house, we have slowly been using your company for all of our windows. Yet again, I'm incredibly pleased with the product. I just figured it would be nice to get a complement email, since so many people like to complain! We will be ordering from you again within the next few weeks. I would love to have ordered them all at once, but I really couldn't afford it! Thank you
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Danny & Anna U Confirmed Purchase

Nov 26, 2023

We purchased eight inserts for our porch. All but one fit perfect. Called and spoke with Eric and received a replacement within ten days. We love these inserts for our porch. They fit perfectly over our screens,so that you can't even tell that they are there. My husband secured them with tension rods at each side to prevent the wind from pushing them out due to high winds. Customer service is great! Eric is the best! Would highly recommend them and not hesitate to purchase them again.
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Tracy C Confirmed Purchase

Nov 25, 2023

Hey there!!!

We installed the screens. Amazing!!!!!!

Great product. Great service. Perfect perfect perfect!!!
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Jane G Confirmed Purchase

Nov 20, 2023

Arrived this morning
I put them in and they are PERFECT
I want to THANK YOU for a job WELL DONE
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