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Window Insert Users: Who needs affordable efficient window inserts?

Residential Homeowners: Energy Saving Clear Insulated Window Coverings Inserts Put money back in your pocket whether you have single, double or triple pane windows by using the revolutionary EnergySavrtm Window Inserts insulated window insert window doubling system.

Each window that is insulated with a EnergySavrtm Window Inserts effectivly adds an 'extra pane' of insulation. Weather stripping firmly holds the window insert in place sealing drafts while keeping warm air inside.

Feel good knowing that you're doing your part conserving energy while saving money and feelling warmer at the same time.

Commercial/Business Owners:
Add dollars to the bottom line. A small investment today will pay off quickly compared to replacement windows with the added benefit of more comfort and warmth for your employees and clients.
Renters/Landlords: Fix those cold drafty windows in your rental properties for a fraction of the cost of replacement windows. Tenants, renters will feel warmer and save money on heating and cooling costs for a nominal investment that literally pays for itself in a short time. After the savings pay for the cost of the EnergySavr Inserts it's money in the bank, almost like a rebate while saving energy at the same time.

Government/Organizations/Institutions: Save money on heating costs while employees feel warmer at a fraction of the cost of replacement windows.

Conserve energy and feel warmer at work with window insulation
EnergySavrtm Window Inserts installed in a University of Nevada, Reno building.
Institutions can save energy and money without replacement windows
Historic Preservation - Save your old windows: Our product is used on many historical buildings throughout the US and is endorsed by Charles Nelson, former state historical architect for the state of Minnesota (see memo below). They are allowed in historical districts as an inside thermal window treatment/indoor storm window. Let us know if you have a property on any historical register and you may qualify for an additional historic preservation discount. For example, the Lake Mansion in Reno, a National Register of Historic Places property, used a grant from Sierra Pacific Power and Gas to pay for its inserts.

Historical Preservation Memo